Friday, December 14, 2012


You cant imagine how happy I am to wake up in much better shape. I feel good enough to ride this morn, however I cant cuz I have a meeting with a potential landlord. Bummer.

Tomorrows group ride looks like a potential washout with the weather guys saying rain chance at 100%. Bummer.
The weather patterns seem to be the same as last winter.  It warms up to rain, then cools off until the next rain. That makes for a crappy winter for skiing.  Not a good thing. Another bummer. 

Rest assured I will be getting on a bike the next chance I get. Its been a full week since.
I never realized how much I rode. I guess one would not know how much they ride until they stop. I always think its not enough but I guess its quite a bit. 10 hours a week.

So I had to fill 10 hours this week with stuff. Not a easy thing to do when you think about it. 
Unless you count laying on the couch as a thing. I don't.

So this weekend will be filled with attempts to ride and get my life back to normal after a week in arrears  Also, the store is rocking with the Christmas season full on. The next two weeks make or break the month. Its game on in that respect.

So lets just move on as if last week didn't happen.
Business as usual.
Have a good weekend.


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