Friday, December 21, 2012



Quite a day yesterday. Huge rain all day had my sump pump in my basement working overtime to the point of not keeping up. Flooded basement. Not bad but floor was entirely covered. No snow to speak of. Maybe 2 inches at most. Not enough to groom out at the park. The grass is barely covered.

As you can see from the pic, the lake was huge this morn. Almost 8 footers rolling in. Checking in with Ship Locator this morn all ships found a dock last nite and are waiting for the lake to calm down. Still interesting stuff for me.

The area did get big snow, just a few miles inland, away for the lake, over a foot fell. While I complain about the local conditions, just a 20 minute drive and the skiing is going to be good. Will have to try and work in my first ski in two years soon. Heading into the weekend, its going to be busy at the store. I have over 15 Christmas bikes that still need to be picked up. And you know they will all get here at the same time on Saturday.
My ride time this week is zero and thats my fault. Saturday I need to cut the ride short to work, so as far as weight Im not gaining so thats a good thing I guess. If you just don't explode during the Holidays your ahead of the game.

Sunday is our bi-weekly fatbike ride. And the first in snow. Even tho it is only two inches. In time we hope to travel to other locations on this ride.... Should be fun.

Other than that it looks like a good weekend coming up. A four day'er to some. Im open Christmas Eve for a few hours.
Have a great weekend.


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