Monday, December 3, 2012


Nice group. Saturday morn.

While my riding every weekend has become a bit predictable, its still good. Group ride Saturday, Fatbike Sunday. Not a bad combo.
Saturdays Breakfast ride was a good one. Too warm for beach but thats OK I guess. I still get to ride my cross bike and beat up a little on the MTB guys (and gals).  You can see three cross bikes in the pic here as others have figured out the advantage of skinny 700c's on this ride. When the beach is not available its still 85% road. A good time had by all.
Rolling over logs. Skillz.
Sunday had me on the maiden voyage with the 9zero7. And as expected, its a big thumbs up. Compared to the Moonlander, this thing is a rocket in the woods.
I ran 20 pounds of air (a lot!) to start. I have a 4 mile road ride to get to the woods and beach and I pretty much held 15+ mph all the way there.
The higher pressure worked well once in the woods too. The 120tpi Knard tires handled things. Very fast. Easy rolling. But then...

We hit the beach and I immediately had to lose some pressure to get some float. While at 15 pounds it works OK (just OK), at 10 in rear and 9 up front I had no problem in the sand. And Im a bigger guy.

But once back in the woods I did notice the lower pressure while railing some corners. The tire did roll from side to side a bit. It felt weird and I didn't like it so I pumped them up back to 20 when we got back to Steve D's truck. Im sure there is a happy medium. I just need to find it. As I mentioned before, while most people are seeing what little air they can ride on, Im going the other way. Most of the guys I ride with are trying to get the "monster truck" roll going and on the sand of the beach it is nice. And Im sure once we start riding in snow (if it ever snows) I too will be working on my float. But for now, I want to ride this thing like any other MTB in the woods. And it does bridge the gap between MTB and Fatbike real well.

The area we ride has some cool stuff in it. Like the log roll in the pic above.  And of course miles of beach. We have a small bi-weekly ride that we don't advertise right now cuz we don't want it to get out of hand. Fat bikes are still fairly new. The places we can ride them is fairly new to bikes. So we just want to take things a bit slow. Don't want to get in any trouble. Stay under the radar for now.

Got a feeling we will be taking a lot of pics at this tree.

The cool Christmas tree will be getting a lot of visits from me. I almost want to add to it. But I wont giving full credit to those who did this.
And my new demo is pretty cool. Stop in and ride it anytime.
Once again, I deem last weekend's riding acceptable.

Not so sure about Monday tho. Warmer temps and huge fog. Just don't remember December like this. My patience for winter is running thin between this and last year.


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