Thursday, December 13, 2012



Well, you are looking at the Stewart J Cort. Heading for Indiana. As far west as you can get on this lake.  As so continues my new hobby.
Yesterday was a first for me. I went in to the walk in clinic for the first time in my life. I never go to the doctor. The only time I go see a doc is if I need him to not make me dead. Other than that, I deal with it. Yesterday I woke with full intention to hop on a bike and ride it. Short ride, long ride I didn't care. Just wanted to get back on the bike.
I had a hard time getting out of bed, let alone ride. Ive been sick 6 days now and its not getting better, in fact worse. My ears, sinus, throat and lungs are wasted. Fluid buildup everywhere. I was convinced I had Pneumonia. Doc says no. But just in case she sent me off with some minor antibiotics. And wished me luck.

So this morn I sit here, at the store, not feeling any better than I did last Saturday when I had to ditch the group ride. Ive got 48 hours to improve to ride with the group Saturday. That will be 8 days off the bike. That is raising hell with my diet... I mean lifestyle change.

The last week has been hard on me. Working 10 hours a day and nothing else. While this month has spiked in business, in two weeks its pretty well over, and if there no snow to get the skiing going, I'll be going even more nuts over here.
But I am still working on the possible move. I have another meeting on that tomorrow. Im keeping a bit quiet about it. I'll talk about it but not a lot. I'l say its looking good.

So right now I'll still sit down most of the day and hope those pills help me.


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