Monday, December 17, 2012


Its incredible how many people are sick right now. I guess Im a trendsetter. Its been 10 days now and I can still feel it. But I have improved to the point of being able to ride and pretty much rode as much as I could this weekend.
Saturdays group ride was cold and rainy. We started with 7, then 4, then 3 left and then we decided to flippit and head back. I had the Trucker with full fenders and I was just fine. Did manage to get in over a hour in 40 degree rain. Felt good to get back on a bike in over a week.

Sunday was fatbike day and again, we planed on about 5 bikes, but one by one it was whittled down to just 2. Two called in sick and one no show. Another hour and a half there.
Looks like others got to the beach before we did Sunday. Thats a Pugsley. Im pretty good at identifying fatbike tracks. You can still count the fatbikes in the area on two hands so I most likely sold that one.

This week will go by fast. I was debating weather to be open on Christmas Eve and I guess I decided yes. At least a few hours anyway.

With the lack of riding last week one can only imagine a small weight gain. Just a couple pounds. Im kinda bummed but it was expected. This week Im going to try and get in some bike time Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would like 5 hours between them.

We'll see how that go's.

I am having a blast on my 9zero7. Its fat enough for the beach, and with a couple extra pounds in the tires, is a blast to rip up the trails. Really, its more of a MTB than a fatbike. My Moonlander is a fatbike. Have not decided if Im selling the Moonlander yet. Might keep it in the rental fleet. I guess we'll see how bad I need money in the middle of February.

Saying that reminds me that some snow is in the forecast. I'll believe it when I see it. However I did sell two sets of ski's over the weekend and have to bind and wax them. Maybe that's a good omen. It really does not feel like winter until I start working on ski's.

So, bring that on. Please.


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