Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I went home from the store last nite pretty pumped cuz I felt much better. I woke up this morn in misery. No voice, ears ringing. Coughing up stuff that I cant believe came from my lungs. Fever. Looks like LRW is in jeopardy.
I guess at minimum maybe a slow fatbike ride to the HP. Something.
This lack of movement is affecting my weight loss program.

The pic is a draw bridge that is about 3 blocks from the store. Ive seen this scenario a million times. All my life. But it still amazes me how such a thing happens.
Its about a 10 min process.
I was late to a meeting at a potential new land lord. Im still looking to move the store.

Today's HP visit was short due to said meeting. Practicly a drive thru. No ships to be seen.
The way I feel, its going to be a long day. Its days like today that one questions owning his own business. I just want to go home.
I will, in 9 hours.....


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