Wednesday, November 21, 2012


845am Foggy morn.

Usually I don't post on long ride Wednesday but I'll make an exception today and just post late. I did get in a shorter, hour and a half ride in this morn.
But man, was it foggy to start.
I still drove out to the park to have my coffee, and thats when I took the pic. The deer were everywhere. During gun hunting season they flock to the park to take refuge. Saw a 10 or 12 pointer. Very big deer.
By 930am I was back to the store, changed and on the bike. Almost all that fog was burned off and the sun is shining. Quite the day outside. Had a great ride and was not concerned with the lack of ride time today. I have a big ride day planned for T-day.

The car is packed and ready for some ride time tomorrow. I plan on a pretty good road ride on the cross bike in the morning. Most likely solo. But I will ride from my house and not the store. Its been a long time since I ride from the house. Maybe do that twice a year. So I'll get to ride north of town instead of south. Change of pace. At least a couple hours. So this week its Long Ride Turkey Day.
Then, if I get half the chance, the guys do a nite ride out in the Northern Kettles at 8pm. Gonna ride the Moonlander.  Ive never had the chance to do this ride, but this year most of our T-day guests are leaving early for the Black Friday thing that starts early. So its not a done deal, but if that happens I might just sneak out too.
That's a lot of riding on a day that I'll be doing a lot of eating.
So its all good then....

Have a good Holiday!


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