Friday, November 9, 2012


Today was first time I drove to my Happy Place in a long time. The last few days its been by bike and that's just fine.

Today's pic actually has some meaning. That's about as much sun I have seen in over a week. And this weekend does not look good either.
That hits me like a two ton heavy thing (I used that phrase a lot. Can anyone tell me where its from?). I'm sleeping like almost 11 hours a nite. And walking into walls during the day. Hope this changes soon.

Today I was pumped to see a eagle in the park. Ive been watching and documenting them there since 2008. Still to this day I stop and daydream when I see them there. They will never be "just a eagle" to me. Which I have heard people say. They forget how close they came to not being around in the late 70's.
I can remember the first eagle a saw. It was 1986. I was 26 years old. It was on North Twin Lake about an hour drive north of Eagle River, WI. Long time ago. I'm old.

Ironically, the eagle I saw today was in the same tree that I first saw them here in 2008. I took a pic that day and it ran in the local paper. Pretty cool stuff.
Today, there are at least 3 nests within 15 miles of the park. One nest is actually a mile away just on the outskirts of the city. I would never have thought they would nest that close to people, but its less than 100 years from a subdivision. I said this in 2008 but I hope they are here to stay. It seems they are. That's awesome considering they only moved into the area four years ago.

Here's the pic from 2008 that ran in the paper. I was convinced that they were just passing thru. I'm glad they stayed. It just makes my HP all the better. Again, today's bird was in the same tree. I do not think that anybody ( maybe DNR?) really knows how many of these birds are in the area but I think its at least 5 or 6 including several immature birds that I hope were born here.

Saw this guy last year just south of the park. Having a fish for dinner.
What a great way to start the day. The beach, good coffee and watching an eagle hang out where you hang out. I guess we both think the same.

Planning on a wet group ride in the morn. 40 degrees and rain is a bummer.
But its a bummer I will have to deal with.
Have a good weekend.



BK said...

The saying is actually, " It hit me like a ton of bricks." Your adaptation is uniquely yours. :-)
I saw my first eagle in the exact same place you did way back in the mid 1960's. Yup I'm an old fart too. My family had a cottage on North Twin and we spent one month every summer there.
Great memories.

Dan Dittrich said...

That's awesome. I loved that lake. I don't get there anymore.... we now are near Sayner.
That saying.... is actually in reference to the Queensryche album "Empire". From the 90's.
Again, making me (us) old.
Thanks for the note!

rlove2bike said...

I too think Eagles are a fascinating bird. If you haven't watched them walk on ice, that is interesting to say the least.

Thanks for the post,