Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Saturday. 805am. Me up in left in green. Pic ripped off from John H.
This is the ride I talk about. The locals have been doing this one for many years. Way before I started riding about 10 years ago. It runs year round. Every Saturday. It would have to be raining pretty hard to stop it. As far as snow, we pretty much just roll thru it. Many times we rolled past county snowplows clearing the road we just rode on. Its been over 100 degrees in the summer and we rode once at negative 8.
Really, it never stops. In summer mode, its road bikes and about 50 miles. In winter mode its MTB's and about 40 miles. Always stopping for breakfast during the ride. 

Beach miles.
The core of riders stays pretty much the same. With some out of towners and special guests every now and then.
Its a fast ride. These guys and gals are pretty much the fastest riders within a 30 miles radius less one or two. In the summer I have a hard time keeping up. Mostly uphill. When I get dropped I keep on riding hard as I know at some point they will wait. And sometimes when Im in zone 5 chasing it seems like forever, but the do at some point. I am pretty much the slowest rider in the group.

This time of year its in MTB mode and we ride in a completely different direction than in summer, and the hills are minimal so Im in the game way more. Like I mentioned yesterday, I run a cross bike and stay in the game on the road. Right now the ride is about 85% road so that helps. Soon, the beach's of Lake Michigan will freeze over and that will be what we ride on. Sometimes for over 15 miles. At that point, I gatta ditch the skinny tires for fatter ones. Ride a Fat Bike? No way.
Bring a Pug or equivalent to this ride and be prepared to get dropped like a sack of moldy diapers.
Even on the beach we peloton at 20mph. I ran 40c studded tires on a cross bike a few years ago and suffered greatly on the road sections. You really need to keep your bike fast, and rely on your skilz on slippery roads.

2008. Thats me. A bit chilly.

Even when the conditions are not the best I still need to bring my "A" game to keep up.  In the summer I prepare for this ride as I do a race. For real.
While I do complain about the pace at times, I still have to remember the caliber of riders I hang with. Very fast company. As a store owner, I get asked about local rides all the time. I really do not recommend this one to strangers. or, I will throw out a disclaimer right away as too not mislead them. I can pretty much tell who's asking at the time. If you ride and race you will not have a problem. Really, its the extremely casual rider that will suffer. Or not be in the game long enough to suffer. But if your reading this that most likely is not the case. So feel free to join us any day!

So even with the fast pace I do like the ride and have a good time with it. It helps my fitness to get pushed so hard. Especially this time of year. It also helps with my motivation to lose weight when I get my ass handed to me. So all in all its a good thing for me. And now that we are in winter mode is plays a bit more into my strengths.
So you can bet we all know what is the best clothing to wear in the winter. We all wear it.
I've said in the past that I roll out on cold days wearing almost $1000.00 dollars worth of stuff including boots and helmet.
How crazy is that. Crazy but needed.

When the beach is finally froze, I will outfit my tour bike, a Disc Trucker, with 2.0's. Its got 26 in wheels so its perfect for winter. Discs of course. I'll pull all the racks off for the winter riding.
That may not be so far away. Maybe just a few weeks. More on that later.
Bring it on.


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