Thursday, November 8, 2012


945am Yesterday

I most likely will not be posting on Wednesday morns. Long Ride Wednesday will take up that time slot. So yeah.... I rode my bike..

It was pretty cold. But not in temp. Around 40 degrees at ride time. But it was very wet, damp and even a little drizzle. So I for sure under dressed based on air temp. But I did not miss by much as I was cold not not super cold.
But once again it was wet enough to cut the ride down a bit. I always plan on 3 hours but the crappy weather the last two weeks cut it down to two.
But thats better than nothing. A gatta say it was once again a chore to dress and prep. I labored thru it as I always do. And was rewarded with a nice ride of both woods and road. Almost two hours to the minute. Another successful LRW in the books although I hope to break the two hour mark one of these days....

And I gatta report the Weight Watchers online seems to be going well. I find it easy to do since you do not have to prepare anything crazy special. Just eat the best stuff you have right now. I am committed to this deal and always have my netbook with me to report what I eat and research other food options. So..... so far so good.

I did get out again this morn. Im kinda leaving Thursdays Mornings open to kinda add to LRW. This pic was from this morn but not far from yesterdays pic. This trail runs right to the north side of my HP. Im on it a lot.

So another hour and a half in the saddle. Only today I needed to get back to the store by 11 to open. So it was a nice ride out the park and back.
That and a little urban assault to keep things fresh.

So three and a half hours between the two days. I looking forward to when I can do that time on Wednesday only. Soon.

This weekend look to be a bit warmer. Have two rides planned.
Looking forward.


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