Friday, November 2, 2012


So this morn I had the first of many meetings to set the lease of the potential new store. I toured the spot twice but today we sat and just talked terms and cost.
Its looking pretty good right now but its still a long way off.
Im trying not to get too pumped too soon but Im sure I will fail at that.

Is in a very high end location but not too far away. Im would still be considered kinda downtown. 

This spot is a step up in almost every facet from where I am now. Parking, location and space. Its got a upstairs that Im thinking would make a great spin studio. And maybe a permanent fit studio too. How cool is that?

Im getting ahead of myself so I will stop here.  I'll include just two pics. Top one is the entrance and the other is the stairway to upstairs. 
Anyway.... if things go my way the lease would be signed in about two weeks with the move in the dead of winter, maybe late January. If you think the interior is good looking, just wait till you see the outside.
Stop me. K. Moving on.

My close companion for awhile.

For the weirdos who read this blog more often, you know Im in a crisis of sorts where I need to lose weight and I have run out of time to do so.
As my Doc has recommended, I have hooked up WeightWatchers Online. I have rigged up my notebook to go directly to the website when fired up and this 10 inch notebook will be with me almost all the time. Once I learn the site inside and out it will tell me when and what to eat. I have signed up for 3 months and have started entering stuff already.
Someday I might get some kind of tablet for this but this will do fine starting.

Good luck to all at Iceman. I should be there.

Tomorrow I plan on the group ride. Its going to be kinda cold at start, maybe in the upper 20's. Thats pretty cold for this time of year. I hope it lasts and winter gets here soon.
I love winter riding. I'll need to inventory my winter clothing and stuff again tonite.

The new cross bike will let me be able to hold my own on the road with the MTB's. Maybe even hurt them a bit??? Not.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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rlove2bike said...

You have checked to make sure there are no ghost upstairs? hehehe

Thanks for posting,