Monday, November 5, 2012



Not sure what "mode" this is. My Galaxy 3 has a ton of weird pic modes. Just another Monday in the HP. As I reflect back on the weekend.....

Saturdays Breakfast Group Ride (BGR) went well for me. I felt great on the bike even tho I took a bit of an endo in the woods. Its tough trying to keep up to all the MTB's on a cross bike with almost 90 pounds of air in the rubber. So I do not even try since the woods is such a small part of this ride right now. I cut short and ride slow, looking for all the roots under the leaves. I did not find one and over I went. Pretty slow too. Was one of those funny falls when you balance on the front wheel for like, forever before over you go over.
I provided the entertainment for others. I do that often it seems in one way or another.

But once we hit the road it was all me. I could pull at anytime. In fact, when this happens I should most likely calm down a bit but its seldom I get to run up front that Im not sure how hard to go. I was off the front most of the ride. But always keeping in mind its the bike and not the rider. While I was running the cross bike, most MTB's had 2.0's or bigger on them.
I'll take it when I can. I dont get a lot of chances to hurt the group.
But a nice ride altogether. Almost 40 miles.

Sunday I traded in really skinny tires for really fat ones.
Steve D and I took our fatbikes out to the park where we held our super muddy WORS race to take a couple slow laps to assess the damage. There has been several workdays out there but for the most part the open greenspace was fixed.  We checked out the trails. Pretty bad. Some will have to be abandoned for a while.

This was the my first fat bike ride of the fall\winter. I still say the even bigger tires of the Moonlander is overkill. I have rode this bike maybe 3 times and think I will put it up for sale. Looking to get into a custom Fatbike builder. Actually, looking into 616.

Besides the trail inspection  I did enjoy tooling around on fat tires again. There's quite a few of us in town now so we will try to start a weekly beach ride on the fattys.

All in all a good weekend. As far as the store go's, the ski's are up and I'll spend most of the next few days switching the floor into winter mode.



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