Monday, November 19, 2012


Im such a creature of habit. I spend a little time in my HP every morn cuz I enjoy it. I drink 16oz of coffee every morn cuz I enjoy it. I write a little in this blog every morn cuz I enjoy it. I like to write. Blogs are for people who like to write but are not that good at it.
And thats me.

This weekend was great for riding. Both days about 2.5 hours per. Both days on the cross bike. Sunday we had talked about fatbikes but with the warmer weather I decided to stay on the road. At the time I think I said in the email that we should take advantage of the warm weather, we have all winter to ride fatbikes. Then I stated who knows how many days like this we have left. Looking forward, quite a few it seems. Temps in the upper 50's, tempting 60 the next few days. Right up to Thanksgiving.
Im always torn this time of year. I love the mild weather for riding and still want the snow for skiing. I want both at the same time. I want a lot of things.

On the store front, the impending Holidays are here. Doing up the floor with lights and stuff. This year Im spending about a grand in paper advertising. I skipped that last year.
Hope it helps.
Another thing thats going is the impending arrival of five 9zero7 fatbikes. All pre sold.

They come frames only and then you order a build in a box kit. Three different levels of stuff. So everything is ordered and its in UPS's hands now. I was thinking I would be on one by next weekend but I forgot about Thanksgiving.
So its all going down next week for sure.
I cant wait!

Also this week I start ski waxing. I always start with the rentals doing maybe 5 a day.
After I do all 20 pair the rust is out of my technique and Im ready to go for the season.

Bring it on.


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