Thursday, November 29, 2012


915 Yesterday

Yesterdays edition of Long Ride Wednesday almost did not happen. Or at least cut short.
With the temp hovering around 24 degrees I knew the beach was going to be good. But the sun was out and I knew that was to be short lived so I did not waste any time and was on the road by 830am. I grabbed the Trucker on off I went.
However just a few miles in the front of the bike felt weird and it was not long before I realized I had a tire going down. Thats a bummer. You all know that time frame when you feel something is wrong but you just pretend its not happening. This just cant be happening. Not now. Im only 15 minutes into the ride. Its 24 flippin degrees.
Yes. That just happened.
The tire is just low. I'll keep riding and it will stop leaking. Yeah. And Im going to win the Powerball tonite too.
I pull off the road. I have everything I need. I take off my gloves. Its cold. Its the front so the wheel is off the bike and I have a seat in the ditch to do the job at hand. As I expected, this tire\rim combo is not the best for quick tube changes. If I didn't have a lever, the tire would not have came off. I found the culprit, small strand of metal of something. Thinner than a pin.
With numb fingers it was hard to get it out of the tire, then I struggled getting the tire back on the rim, all this while sitting in a ditch, getting colder by the minute.
I swear and fight the tire back on the rim, not using the tool, cuz I almost always pinch a MTB tube doing that and that would mean a walk back to the store.
Its back on the bike and Im ready to air it up. Its been about 10 minutes now, Im shivering. I look in my bag, one CO2. That just about seals the deal on this ride. Will only fill the tire half way. Will just ride back on a very low tire I guess.
Then, BMatter rolls past just as Im ready to get out of the ditch and mentions I can roll over to his house. The garage door was open and use his floor pump.
The ride is saved. I was less than a mile away. Brian said he was off to do intervals and I noticed he seemed way too happy about that. Pro riders are weird.
Anyhoo, I swung past his place and topped off the tire, then made a bee line to the beach, assuming it was too late and it was not rideable.
I was pleasantly surprised to find it in great riding shape. Still froze solid. Check the pic above. I was barely leaving a print riding my 2.0's

I then proceeded to ride about 20 or so miles along the lake. I say this a lot, but its just a awesome feeling doing this.

And being a big fan of the lake, for me is a bigger treat than most people.
I did always have the fact that I was without spare tube on my mind. A potentially long walk back. But if its to be, no better place than the shores of the lake.
2 hours long is still not a real long ride but I spent way too long on the flat to add any more ride time.
Last nite was a pretty sweet full moon. Check out the pic I took with my phone. If you look close you see a dot just above the moon. That's Jupiter.
I am still amazed on the pics my Galaxy 3 takes......

I was set to ride again this more but called it off as I need to get my 9zero7 fatbike built before the weekend. And Im running out of time.
So its bike build today... ride it tomorrow? I say yes. What say you?


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