Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Todays cold start had me thinking of beach riding.23 degrees this morn. The beach was for sure froze but I had to check it out to see for myself.
Out to the HP. Hit the sand and my thoughts were confirmed.
Rock hard beach. 30 yards wide and fast as a hiway. I hope its this way tomorrow for Long Ride Wednesday as I will for sure put in 15 miles here. What a change from when I was riding the Fatbike in the lake here at nearly 60 degrees.

Even at 830 in the morn someone has already went thru. Using my mad tracking skillz had me thinking it looks like a MTB with a semi slick Michelin. Looks like he\she was thru and back again, riding in both directions already. He\she hit the sand pretty early this morn. Might be me in the morning. Sand was hard enough to ride the thinner tire of the cross bike.
Look how fast and flat. When it get like this we peloton just like we do in summer with the road bikes. 20mph for sure. Its a blast. The scenery cant be beat. Its kinda surreal riding that fast in a group of 25 bikes right along the waters edge for miles.

I cant wait!

Hopefully I can grab me some beach in the morn. I hear a warm up is on the way. That needs to just hold off for 24 hours....


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