Monday, November 26, 2012


Saturday 930am Pic by John H.

As anticipated by the weather forecast, Saturdays group ride was treated to out first frozen beach ride. Temps around 25 at ride time.
While the explosion of the fatbike has people riding the beach more and more, we have been doing it for almost 20 years. With a rock hard beach, one does not need fat tires. Some were on cross bikes.
Yesterday was a good one with us putting well over 20 miles along the shores of Lake Michigan. Riding along at 20mph only 5 feet from the waves. At that time, the sun is coming up over the lake and all you hear is waves crashing.
Its a ride like no other.
Lately we hear of other places where landowners are cracking down on this. While we have had our share of conversations, most beach owners know us and since its been many years almost expect us to ride by. We wave. They wave. All good.

The best beach rides have always been in November\early December. Before ice forms and deeper snow. The last few years its been poor conditions. Either the snow was too deep or like last year, was just too warm all winter. One can never predict how froze the beach will get. Its a mixture of temp\moisture in the sand\wind direction. Its been froze solid at 33 degrees and soft at 28. So when its available we take advantage. This looks like it may be a good winter for beach riding with the water level so low.

Sunday had us on our bi-weekly Sunday  morn Fatbike ride. Once again, we were on the beach and it was a good thing we had big tires cuz it was not froze like the day before. Regardless we rode the very same beach again. And about an hour in the woods too. Here, we were surprised to see a decorated tree in the middle of nowhere. Very cool. This tree is almost a mile from any road and seems to have needed a ladder to do. It made for a awesome ride. Hope this ride continues all winter...

Today, in the store, Im getting a bunch of Fatbike stuff. Tires, wheels and frames.
Let the bike building begin. Its going to be a busy day!


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