Thursday, November 1, 2012



For some reason, during the summer, I almost never ride before the store opens. Maybe its cuz I can get out later in the day with hired help here most of the time then. But now they are gone and its just me most of the time. If I want to ride now its gatta be before the store opens. That means I gatta set an alarm to wake if I wanna ride.

Now its been about 30 degrees in the morning at ride time, and that means it will take me at least 30 minutes to dress. Including the time needed to decide how many layers.
Of late I have rode both Wednesday and this morn. Both times I'm extremely unmotivated to go with such long prep time and getting out of bed when I do not have to. But I do.
You know this feeling. Its a feeling but not the feeling Im writing about. That comes later. You feel you just don't want to do this. I could easily just drive over to the park to hang out, coffee in hand. But I roll out of bed when I could stay, and take the time to dress properly. Not listening to myself complain about it.

Because there always is a specific time during the ride, the feeling that your so glad you did. It might be right away, or an hour later or maybe just when you finished. But its always there. And in my subconscious I know that. And that is what makes me roll out of bed when I could stay, and work on my layers of clothing. Almost swearing under my breath as I do. Its kinda weird cuz I don't want to be doing this as Im doing this anyway. My subconscious is way smarter than my conscious.

And later, when that feeling hits you like a two ton heavy thing you wonder what all the fuss was about. And all is right with the world at that particular moment  You get all pumped. This feeling could make you rider harder, faster. Or it could make you slow down, taking it all in. Or for me, both.
Fast or slow, cold or warm, solo or with friends, its this feeling that Im addicted to.
 Its why I ride.
The feeling is triggered by many things. It could come after an incredible interval you just put in. Or meeting up unsuspectingly with some friends also on a ride. Or maybe your iPod's playlist hit just the right songs. Today, it hit me as I stopped to take today's pic by the river. All at once the sun warmed me and I watched a Coopers hawk fly by, hunting. And I decided then to extend my ride as much as time allowed, pulling into the store at 1058. Perfect timing.

And I'll keep riding as long as Im still getting that feeling. I hope its around for a long time.


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