Tuesday, November 20, 2012


815am. Tree on left is the eagle tree.

With the warmer weather its been pretty foggy in the morn. Making for a wet ride. Tomorrow for LRW I might wait till near 10am to leave. By then the fog burns down quite a bit.

A gatta say Im so close to ditching Facebook. or just cutting way back. Ive been kinda experimenting with the store page. Actually paying Facebook to "push" a few posts. I dont mind paying for a service like that but if anyone else is thinking about that, let me save you the money. Not worth it.
You have a choice of spending 5 bucks and they will push it to ALL your friends or likes. Not just 10 percent. Or spend 10 bucks and the will push it to all your friends or likes, and all their friends too. So I did that.
My post views went from 118 (says Facebook) to 3894 (says Facebook).
Thing is, over 1000 of those views were in China. You can control that in Facebook ads, but not posts. Sure, I got likes, but no real contact about any potential business. So I wont do that again.
Then, the political crap is never ending. You all know that already.
Then, its stuff like the end of Hostess, which we all had a little fun with.
Now, its boycott Hostess cuz the CEO makes millions. Really?
Boycott Walmart. Cuz Black Friday is bad. And its Walmart's fault?
Hey. Im open Friday. And I have a sale. Boycott me too?
Its funny now with the technology you now get pics of hunters in their stands.
But still.
I like to hear from my friends  I always look for race results. I like to post occasionally. Mostly bike stuff. Never politics. Ever.

But this morning was the last straw. I wake up (like I do every day) and get ready to leave the house. Pour my coffee and look at the ol' android device. Jump on Facebook and the first thing I see is several pics of a guy beating the crap out of a dog. The poster asks me to share so the guy will get caught. Really?
Then, several posts later, Iron Maiden (who's page I liked) shows a pic of several children who were killed in a bomb attack in the Mideast. What the hell.
Im sorry Facebook, this is just getting out of hand and Im changing the way I use you.
I understand bad stuff happens everyday but I don't need to see it all.

I know Ive said this a million times. But today I mean it. Today I saw shit I just did not need to see. And those two posters are now gone. Damn, I like Iron Maiden a lot. But they are unliked. And the dude who posted the dog pics is gone too. I don't even know who he is.
And that's how its going to be starting today. Post that crap and I will take the time to ditch you. In the past I always struggled with deleting people. People I like are very political. But now, its just a process of elimination. One by one. Sure, I'll add new people. But everyone will be playing by the same rules. Lets just leave Facebook for what its for.
A tool for a majority of the world to waste time looking at nothing in particular.
Mostly pics of kittens and food.

I just do not need 600+ friends on Facebook.
Just a few hundred good ones. And you all know who you are.



Ben Sandee said...

Black Friday isn't bad, it's the fact that it's starting at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day now and employees are required to show up and don't even get paid extra for holiday pay. At least some retailers give time x 1.5.

Dan Dittrich said...

I see. That is crappy.