Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Today started out like any other day. Spent time on the beach. Only today it was 16 degrees. But that stuff never slows me down. I took a long look at the pending ski trail in the park. Its staked out and ready to go. Now, all we need is snow.

This time of year I am looking at 30 day forecasts. Everyday. From 4 different sites. And it does not look good. Not good for skiing. Its crazy that only a four hour drive north the conditions are already good enough to lay classic tracks. Another winter like last year and I will have to rethink this whole ski thing. I didn't order one piece of new stock. And I wont until it snows here. I have plenty from last year. But if the skiing sucks, that means the riding is still good to go.

So faster than you can say "spoiled store owner" I change rides. With the colder temps bringing on the beach riding, out goes the shiny new red cross bike, and in comes my Disc Trucker tour bike. Strip off all the racks and bags, throw on a pair of 2.0 tires (its a 26in!) and I now have a pretty cool winter bike. This is the bike I rode up to our cabin this summer. I did take the Brooks saddle off to test ride that new seat. Planet Bike Pro titanium. I truly do ride the stuff I sell. For a $69.00 titanium seat, its a thumbs up. It will go on my impending 9zero7 later this week.
I'll keep the cross bike ready to go for awhile. Unfortunately its going to warm up. And if we are off the beach, its back on the faster bike.
But for today, this week, its the Trucker. Long Ride Wednesday is coming up tomorrow and I cant wait to hit that beach. I'll try to get a earlier start to make sure the beach is still rock hard.
Im sure you will hear all about it later.
Next post is Thursday.


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