Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today 945am

As expected, my long ride Wednesday had me not posting. It was a good ride 2 and 1\2 hours long. Big winds had me suffering heading south. But was rewarded with the ride back north. To date, it was the longest LRW. Maybe cuz it was not raining or foggy as heck. But I did not feel strong on the bike. I believe my decreased intake of food hurts me on the "power" rides into the wind. But I'll take it as Im losing weight. Im not talking about the weight thing on purpose so I don't jinx it. Its going scary well.
So all in all a good LRW yesterday. Its all about time in the saddle.

This morn I got out again. Its a much shorter ride on Thursday cuz I gatta be at the store by 11 but I'll take 1 1\2 hours anytime  I can get it. Today I just rolled around in the woods I ride in. Usually Im in here at least three times per week. But lately its been only on the Saturday morn group ride and then its wide open, white knuckle. But today, it was slow and easy, with my head on a swivel. The sun came out as if on cue and I spent well over an hour just tooling around.
This property is adjacent to my Happy Place and I roll thru it to get there by bike. One of the main attractions of that park is the sand dunes. Lots and very big.
So this entire area is very sandy. And when its windy tree fall. Big trees.
Both pics today are from trees that fell in the last few years. The sandy soil just gives them less to hold on to. These woods are full of theses downfalls. There everywhere and quite often fall across the trail, either having some good Samaritan come remove it or we just re route around it.
That said, it is private land and the owner who will go unnamed here has decided to make a "camping resort" of sorts here. With hard side permanent tent thingies. If that happens it will be a matter of time before one falls on someones car. Or worse.
And then, at that point we will lose this area. That will be a sad day. But again, it is private land and I guess we can be happy for all the years we had with it. But still sad as it changes my now favorite route (cross bike).

I'll try and get in these woods as much as I can before its gone. A couple weeks ago I saw a Pileated Woodpecker here. Thats only twice now for me.  Rides like today had me looking hard. But nothing. I'll be back Saturday.


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