Friday, November 30, 2012

Another awesome phone pic. From file.

And here we are with another impending weekend. One I hope is filled with riding. The usual Saturday group ride. And the impending voyage on my demo 9zero7.

Just finished it yesterday. It weights in at just under 29 pounds without peddles. Its going to be way faster than my Moonlander in the woods. We'll see how the float is in the sand. And Im pretty sure Im not going to ride it in the lake.

So my job is to ride this bike this weekend. Its what I get paid to do. And you can stop in to take it for a spin too!
I hope to use this bike as my MTB pretty much into next summer. With these bikes getting lighter, their not just for beach and snow anymore.
The temps are up and the beach is gone for awhile. At least for the MTB's. I think I got to ride the frozen beach 3 times in the last week. Thats a good thing.
The warm temps will stick around a few days. The 30 day does not look good for winter sports. So I guess we just keep on riding (more).
Have a good weekend.
Fatbike maiden voyage report to follow on Monday.


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