Monday, November 12, 2012


Some weekends just go according to plan. This one did. The visit to my Happy Place this morn was a nice one. It marked the change of seasons of sorts as it was the first time I was there alone. When that happens I just calm down inside. It will be like this mostly till spring. Also, tomorrow I meet with the Rangers to discuss extending the ski trail here. They called me and I was happy they are including me on this.

For the most part I am a planner. On Friday I figure out what I need to do and plan all my things around that. This weekend, things went as planned almost to the minute.

Saturdays breakfast ride was a good one. Since Im on weight watchers I do not stay and eat. There usually is a few riders that head back without eating that have stuff to do.  I do that. Its been some very good attendance with plus 20 every week. We'll see about that when temp is in the teens. But really, a majority of the bikes still attend.

Almost 40 miles and some pretty good intervals. I had my HR  strap along for the ride. Nobody believes the numbers I hit as I climb after them.
185 for a 52 year old fat guy is not bad for top end. Just wish I was there a bit less.

So after the ride I planned on working the store till close (4 on Saturdays) and then spent the rest of the day hanging with the grand kids. A good day and exactly as I thought it would be.

Sunday was the first of what I hope is many Fatbike rides. We are planning these every other Sunday at 10am. So for the first ride we had 4 bikes and that's a good start. It was warm so we spent a majority of the time on the beach. 

About to get very, very wet on Sunday
I was the only guy who went in the lake. I figured it could be the last 55 degree day in a while. In fact I hope so.
Every time I hit the lake I got braver and braver and went a little farther out.

To the point the waves were up to my top tube and picking me up and moving me over a couple feet when they hit. Here's a pic of a pretty good sized wave about to hit me.

And this was not the biggest one I surfed. The others just watched safely from the beach. Letting me have all the fun.

It was a another 2 hour ride putting me at almost 5 hours for the weekend.  Saw another eagle. I was completely soaked and did get a little cold when I rode the 4 miles home on the road. But the wind (which was huge) was behind me as I held 15+mph on the road with the Moonlander.
And then the rest of the day was football (watching the Bears lose is almost as good as watching the Packers win) and hanging out with the grand kids.

This was a weekend I deemed acceptable.


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