Thursday, October 11, 2012



Check out this pic from my magic phone. I use a pic mode called "solorize" Not sure what the hell that is but here is the result. That black thing was actually the sun shining thru the clouds. It turned the bright spot black. Weird.  Nice visit tho.Its a bit warmer, windy and ready to rain. That will pretty much end the reign of colors in the trees. Leaves will be falling by the tons this weekend. Change of seasons.

So if your a fan of cycling like I am you already have had your fill of Lance\others crap. Yesterday morn I posted the fact it was kinda a slow day in the blog dept. Then an hour later all hell breaks loose. I had to re post in the afternoon. I tried not to but could not help it. And I wont go there much today.
One thing I will say is that its not all about Lance anymore. Lance has a lifetime ban. But all the others get slapped with a 6 month suspension. They can race again March 1. That is wrong and I call bullshit. I don't care if you confessed or not. You doped in competition.
Done . Moving on.

Looks like our MTB race will be a wet one this weekend. Saturdays local cross race has been cancelled due to imposing rain. My decision not to vend at the race is a good one. And really not needed since all me demos are sold.

Next few days will be busy. Along with helping out with the race, I have 15 new bikes to build, then need to re arrange the sales floor and include the Halloween stuff. Lots to do. All the doping posts to read on Facebook.

I looked at a new space yesterday that looks promising. 4200 square feet! Im in 2500 right now. Thats awesome.  I put a date in my head to have a plan set in store by Nov 1. Move time is mid Feb. Subject to change. But exciting stuff for sure.

Might be a short post tomorrow but I'll have something to say Im sure.


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