Monday, October 15, 2012


Rain. Mud
Of course, this weekend was our MTB race and that's really all I can post about. Its still all went down regardless of the near 4 inches of rain we received in about 30 or so hours. In what I think is about 20 years of this race, for sure the last 10 years since I have been involved this has never happened.
While the course was shortened, and a lap taken out of each category, the park received a ton a damage that will have to be looked at in the near future.

Instead of a ride to my happy place I walked the park a bit just to see how bad it was. I guess I was expecting the worst cuz it was not as bad as I thought. A lot of the damage is in the woods and not on what the park system would call "greenspace". But for sure we will have to fix what ever greenspace is damaged.

As far as the race go's, despite the cold driving rain all day thing went well. Jon H's crew worked despite the conditions and issues were handed as they came up. Remember we really have had no experience with this situation. I helped out with some awards, organized the kids race (for all 4 of the kids that showed), help a very little with scoring, and ended my day with pulling some tape after the race. I was pretty wasted after. I did a lot of walking in my Sorol boots and those things weigh a ton. In the end my bad knee was killing me, so after pulling a little tape I limped home. This race weekend always beats me up and I dont even race.

More running than riding.

I don't understand how some can call this fun. Maybe Im getting too old but running half a lap of a bike race to me is not fun. Im sure if I was 20 years younger that would be different.
But thats just me.
Really, I would not take a demo bike out in the stuff anyway.
So no riding for me this weekend and we sure have our work cut out at the park.

Changing subjects I want to say thx for all who wished me luck on my quest for better health. Was great to get comments here, a few emails but what blew me away was several people, some who I don't even know, approach me at the race yesterday saying they read my blog and wished me luck. Actually, you guys made my day.
In that respect I am now formulating a plan. One that I can stick to, so nothing crazy.
At least not at first.
I hope to ride this week, weather permitting. I need to take inventory of my cold weather clothing again.
This week, I meet with two more prospective landlords. One on Tuesday, one Friday.


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