Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yesterdays ride.

Yesterdays first installment of Long Ride Wednesdays (LRW) was a good one. I guess. The warm temps had me grossly overdressed. I suck at dressing myself and most of the time miss the correct layers needed.
But the ride was good. Almost 3 hours with almost 40 miles. I also received my second road flat of the year. I was heading back only about 3 miles from the store so I grabbed one of two CO2's I had and shoved it in the tire thinking I could limp it in. Wrong. I always do that. I always think I can empty a CO2 and keep riding when all it does is make we waste half of the air I carry.
So after I re inflated the tire I proceeded to continue on for another whopping 2 blocks before the tire was down again. So.... I had to swap bad tube for good tube.

Now those who know our route heading south out of town from the store know that we ride right past the city's sewage plant. Its pretty much the biggest bummer on my rides having to ride past it twice out and back. One needs to either hold your breath for a few blocks or breath with your mouth or both. Its a smelly smell that smells.

So after I used the first cartridge I ended up right next to the driveway of said plant and the winds were not in my favor. I knew I was in for a sufferfest. So I pull over with the wheel pretty much already on the rim and thought about fast walking a block or two but I have massive skilz in roadside changes. I could survive 4 or 5 minutes of mouth breathing.

But I forgot that the Kenda small blocks were a bit tight to pull off. And my thumb was still not right from my MTB crash 3 weeks ago. Lucky for me I had a tire tool in the seat bag. I usually do not. So as I get down to business and just start to make some headway my insurance lady drives up and starts a conversation. It was nice of her to stop tho, asking if I had everything I need. But really, I was getting oxygen deprived and needed to keep rolling along so I kinda tried to do both at once.

I struggled with that tire. And thought at the time I might just consider changing the tire out for another due to the tight fit when I get back to the store. In time I rolled and rolled the rubber and finally got it back in the rim, still holding some kind of conversation with insurance lady. She never got out of her car, was just talking thru her window.

Now I had only one CO2 left cuz I always waste the first one so I hoped I didn't pinch the tube as I needed the tool to get it back on the rim. And it filled just fine, I threw all all the other tools and stuff, bag and all in my jersey pocket and off I go. Im now almost seeing stars after breathing raw sewage for at almost 10 minutes.

On the bright side of things, a bald eagle soared past while this was going down. So I was holding a conversation, changing out a tube and looking up a lot at the same time.

And trying not to breathe.

Im looking forward to more LRW's. I'll leave the Kenda's on. Im not smart enough to make a change. Besides, I almost never road flat.


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