Thursday, October 25, 2012

LRW REPORT ( A tale of two rides)

Yesterdays fog. That was then.
Yesterday was of course, Long Ride Wednesday. So every Wednesday I have someone come in to cover the store in the morn. Its costs me about 45 bucks to do that. But the other thing it does is force me out the door.
The weather in the morning was pretty crappy. It was warmish but huge fog had me waiting an extra hour before I left.
Once I heading west, away from the lake it was not bad.
2 hours total. Which is better than nothing. I always feel like crap on the bike until I get about an hour in. It seems the longer I ride the better I feel. Its going to be tough to get in 10 hours a week consistently but with LRW I can make it work.
Its all part of the master plan.
But wait, there is more.....

Todays sun. This is now.

This morn I got out again. Putting in another 2 hours. Native American summer temps had me actually get up early to put in some time. About 60 degrees and sun. Higher winds but very acceptable for Oct 25th. I needed to get back to the store to open at 11am and got there at 1058. 
Perfect timing as the rain is coming. Temps set to plummet in an hour or so....

Almost the same route as yesterday, minus the fog. And about a million other riders. Its funny when the weather get abnormally good with such a short notice. You see everyone you ride with. But one at a time. Everyone just looks outside and runs for the lycra. I only had arm warmers on (besides the kit I mean) and those got rolled down in no time. Its weird how much better I feel on the bike after a few days of riding. I guess when your ride time go's down you lose a little by its not that far gone.

Tomorrow Im off the bike for sure. Doc appt at 11 and going to tour (actually re-tour) a potential spot for the store. Hope to make the group ride Saturday morn......

Back to work...

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