Friday, October 26, 2012

later yesterday
Not much to say today. Colder temps have settled in. Will have do a clothing inventory before the group ride tomorrow. About 32 degrees at ride time predicted.
But sunny so its all good. No rain in the 5 day. Its a miracle.

The Saturday morning group ride has morphed into winter mode last week so its all MTB and cross bikes. I ride a cross bike until the beach freezes, then Im most likely on the disc Trucker due to the 26 in wheels and the ability to run MTB tire. I'll run 2.0's.

But until that day the ride is a little bit of woods and mostly road so cross bikes rule. And out of 20 riders only four or so have cross so Im able to stay in the game better with the cross road advantage.
I think I only did four or five summer road group rides but now I'll be there every Saturday. Or as much as work lets me. The meeting place changes and its only a 15 min ride from the store so its easier for me to do...

I'll ride Sunday too. Just not sure when. I'll shoot for 5 hours this weekend.
There.... I set a goal. Now I have to deal with it.

Have a good weekend.


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