Monday, October 29, 2012


Today I did not get out of my car at the HP. It was 31 degrees and I left all my coats at the store. I hate when I do that.

So looking out the window of a warm car had to do it today.

I did get a couple rides in  this weekend. I did the Saturday morning Breakfast Ride (SMBR) since Im on a cross bike and everyone else is on a MTB. Still, I'm riding with pretty much the fastest guy in a 20 miles radius so I still suffered.

But that a good thing as I almost never push myself to that point. I'll make plans to do as many of those as I can. That was about two and a half hours.
Sunday I waited a few hours later in the morn to ride. I'll do that as the temps start pretty could but jump up near noon when the sun is out. Headed out with Steve D going west.
Strangely, about 20 min in I popped a spoke. I almost never do that. Not sure why this one popped as it was non drive side. It happens I guess.
Then, about 10 minutes later the bearings in one of my Eggbeaters pretty much fall out of the pedal (in pieces).  That one I was waiting for as I use those particular pedals in winter. On the beach too. So I have been digging sand out of those for three years. It was just weird how those 2 fails came within minutes of each other. Good thing I own a bike shop I guess.
So Sundays ride was cut short a bit but still got almost an hour and a half then too.

The last seven days have been better for me as far as saddle time. Almost ten hours. I hope to keep that up.
So I went to see the Doc Friday and things are better than I thought. Vital signs were better than I was lead to believe and any suspicions of poor health were dashed with some testing.
However, after talking to Doc about my weight he highly suggested I try Weight Watchers. Really I get plenty of exercise so in his opinion that leaves most of the blame on food intake. And sure, I could eat less but its not always how much but what.
Looking at my history he also suggested to cut out all wheat and try to go gluten free.
Thats based on my crappy metabolism. I knew it was pretty much non existent.

So its Weight Watchers online for me. I join today and hope to have things rolling better in the food dept by weeks end..... And so with that it begins.


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