Wednesday, October 31, 2012


10am. Lake is a bit calmer
Pinky is once again retired.
So today is Long Ride Wednesday (LRW). But not real long today as I have hired help coming in late today so I can take the grandkids out for Halloween later.  But I did get in an hour and a half.
It was the maiden voyage on a cross bike I built out of boredom. Yup, it a cheap, low(er) quality Origin8 frame.
I really wanted a carbon cross bike with discs and since Treks stuff is at least a year out I thought I would give this off brand a try. Its distributed by J&B and my rep stops in a lot so he put one on backorder and I waited.

The frame arrived last week and I had planned on putting an old Force driveline I have laying around (its for sale) but decided to once again strip Pinky of its new Apex. I had to also buy wheels and brakes. Other than that it was the ol' switcheroo......

So.... this is a carbon frame. Is it as nice as a Trek Cronus? No way. It weighs a ton. The complete bike is 21 pounds. Pretty sure Pinky was a pound lighter and she's aluminum. But not disc. Anyway, the quality is down, the weight is up but the ride seems carbon frame smooth. And its less than half the cost than a name brand. Im not looking to stock this bike. Just thought since Im waiting for it to snow and the pending ski season I could build up something different. And it is cross bike season.

I will once again praise the Easton wheels. EA90XD disc tubeless ready( I put tubes in since I run 80 pounds of air). 1600 and change grams. Thats not bad for a aluminum disc road wheel. At retail, the wheels pretty much cost more than the rest of the bike. Almost.The brakes are the standard BB7 roads. Driveline is Apex compact. I have Apex both on this bike and my touring bike and have never had a problem. And its not expensive.

I love maiden voyages on new bikes. I get to do it a lot. I bring a tool along to tweek the cockpit a bit ( I know what I just said). And then I ride with all my senses on alert. Since the driveline has been tried and true, I look for other things. Mostly handling and ride. In that respect its a thumbs up. No toe overlap from the front wheel. I did notice better acceleration from the stiffer frame and yet less vibration from the road from the carbon. All in all its not a bike I would race but an awesome bike for our fall\winter group rides. So with taking in consideration the lesser cost for this carbon bike, its a thumbs up on this build.
So... this is what I will ride into the winter. Pinky will be retired back into the laboratory only to come out some other crazy configuration. Im thinking single speed.


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