Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I hate goodbyes. As some of you know, I get two "demo" bikes from Trek to use for the summer, and don't have to pay for till the end of the year (late Oct). These are the bikes I ride with you guys all summer. Of course they are high end, really fast and easy to race.

Ive complained more than once about riding bikes that are not mine. I know its hard to fathom for most of you. I guess its hard to feel sorry for a guy who gets to ride a new road and MTB every summer that both retail close to 10K each.
I mean, thats cool and all but its not the same as owning. More like renting.
So I started this week having both bikes. And today, Wednesday, are gone. Both of them.
One month ago I raced Chequamegon on the Superfly. Which was the fasted MTB I ever had. I sold that one over the weekend and the Domane yesterday.
Goodbye to two of the best bikes I have ever had.

So..... my 2013 Superfly 100 Pro will arrive late January.
My 2013 Project Domane will land a month later.

And the cycle starts over.