Friday, October 19, 2012


Im still pretty pumped about the late bloomers in the HP. 
The weather, not so much.
In the last 7 days is been raining about 50% of the time. Ive had reports of people pulling out their trainers. In October.
No way.

Ive got a pretty busy weekend upcoming. Ride window will be Sunday morn.
Today, I work open to close, tomorrow I head to Stevens Point for the 2013 WORS race directors meeting. And with that will be the start of my return to running our annual race. I look forward to the challenge.
Sunday I hope to ride in the morn, then in the afternoon head out to our local park to start repairing the grounds from last weeks mud fest. That will be an ongoing project.

In a week and counting, I will see my doc about my impending heath issues. And then its game on for me. Im treating this as my last chance. That's my mindset anyway.

While fall is the best time of year. Right after is when things take a dive. Its the slowest time for the store. No bikes and no ski's yet. And the fact that its dark when I get up and dark when I go home is a huge bummer. Lack of sunlite hits me like a two ton heavy thing.

Even during the summer if there is a few days of clouds I can feel it. 

I have narrowed down my choices of the stores impending move down to two. Now its time to split hairs. I'll take my time with such a decision.

Have a good weekend. Get outside. When it stops raining.


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