Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Pointing the way. Peninsula Park. Blu filter.

Yesterday was one of those days that just worked out well. With the tree's at peak I decided to take a day and head to Door County. I like it up there. Specifically Peninsula State Park and Washington Island. Yesterday was P-Park.
We got there around 11am, had some lunch, went for a bike ride, walked around in Fish Creek for awhile, then ate again before leaving town for home around 6pm
Pretty much a perfect day.

The bike ride was very nice. This park is built for bikes and there was a ton there. I was surprised for a Tuesday how many. Just outside the park is a bike store that had a huge rental fleet. Always busy but I think when the trees peak out its game on. We had to be on our best bike path behavior as there were a ton of "regular" people out riding for what looked like there only ride of the summer. Most were older. Most looked retired. I felt kinda young mixed in with the old folk. But they were helmetless and all over the path on rental bikes. I would think, at some point, a few went down maybe on some soft gravel.

The water was way down. As low as I have ever seen. This was water right up to the sand last year. Its not even swim-able anymore. The trees on the right is where Ive camped in the past. The background is Horseshoe Island.

It all ended with a fish boil in downtown Fish Creek. The perfect end to a perfect Door County day. Im glad I got the chance to get here during this time. Was just a beautiful fall day. Sometimes the plan just comes together and we got lucky with this day. Warm sun and colors. Totally worth spending the extra money in wages to get me out of the store.

Every time I skip out I think of this guy. We think alike.

Today Im catching up in the store but not a whole lot to do. My ribs are improving  Its funny that they only hurt now when I sleep. I can ride just fine. Its been a week since my high speed dismount and I think Im ready to get back on the MTB. Maybe tomorrow morn if its not raining.

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