Monday, October 1, 2012


This tree greets you as you enter the HP
Its game on. Trees are close to peak. One must goof off as much as possible. Now is the time to play hooky from school, work or whatever.

First, the weekend.
Friday as Saturday I had the two bike tours and for the most part they went well. Fridays group was quiet so it was hard to read them to see what they wanted to do. But they wanted an hour and a half and that's what they got. Saturdays group was very talkative and that makes for a better time and easy tour. They only wanted an hour.
So I hope to get this service rolling more and more and am happy to get my foot in the door. That's always the first step in any business.

Saturday morn I kicked the weekend off with a 2 plus hour ride with Steve D. The ribs were sore, I felt them as I rode but it was tolerable. But, along with the tour in the afternoon was a bit too much and I woke Sunday with plans to ride a bit solo and that was soon dashed as the ribs hurt way more.   Hard time getting up out of bed. No riding for me Sunday which was a big bummer as the weather was near perfect. Along with the color in the trees. So... I just drove around in my car and took in the sights. And listened to the new Killers CD.

While I was bummed to not ride I did get outside. If I didn't I most likely would have exploded. Its game on right now. The woods are the place to be. Today is a carbon copy of yesterday and I work alone all day. Once again denied any outside pleasure. However....

I am taking the day off tomorrow. A last minute decision. My wife has off work so I will attempt to cover the store all day and up to Door County for a day trip. Some riding, some hiking and some eating. And a lot of goofing off. And looking at all the colors of this place. Bad ribs be damned. I'll have a bottle of ibuprofen for lunch.

So no post tomorrow. I'll be out making up for Sunday.
It all evens out in the end.


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