Monday, October 8, 2012



34 degrees this morn. Another longer visit to the HP today. And that means only one thing. I got stuff on my mind.
When the crowds retreat in the park the deer come out in the open more and more. Sometimes I have to shoo them off the road so I can continue on my way. They look at me like Im bothering them. In the winter when I groom the ski trails, they follow me on the snowmobile. Not real close, I don't see them but see their tracks when I come around again. I think they are messing with me.

Most of the stuff on my mind are store related. Its always a bit scary when the change of seasons come and the store starts morphing into hibernation mode. All expenses are cut down. Im here alone most of the time. Its a bit lonely but still beats having a real job. I do have some things to do\think about. I am actively pursuing a change of location. I have out grown this space and if the store want to move onward and up ward I need to move. And thats expensive to do. Its almost like incurring start up costs a second time. Anyway, I meet with two potential landlords this week.

This weekend was the first of the cold weather rides. Rode cross bike Saturday and MTB on Sunday. Both times with temps in the upper 30's at start time. I am terrible on clothing layers and it takes me several rides to figure out the needed clothing per temp. Morning rides before the store opens are getting tougher to get motivated to do when its in the 30's then, but most likely in the 50's later. However, there is no later for me as Im covering the store now 90% of the time.
Ive come to the conclusion that Im once again out of the Iceman. First, I sold my Superfly and my replacement wont get here till January so Im out a bike. Second I just don't want to spend the money. Third is the fact I lost sight of my weight for a second and gain 10 pounds since Chequamegon. My bad.

We do, however, still have our local MTB race here on town. Some of this week will be prep for that. Still might race it. Not sure. I have not had a lot to do with it in the last few years but that changes next year as I am once again the directer of this race after a 6 year hiatus. Am looking forward to that. Should be fun.

Better get to work.


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