Friday, October 5, 2012


Had a nice fall visit to the HP this morn. This was by car as it was 38 degrees, yesterday at the same time it was 58.

Since I mentioned yesterday how my bikes change with seasons, also its my available clothing that changes also. As you may think, I do have a shit ton of bike riding clothing. I almost never throw anything away. I have several grades of cold\cool weather clothing. Cool, cold and really cold.
So when there is a change of seasons I take inventory. I throw everything on the floor and one by one look at each piece  Sometimes I dont finish and leave the stuff piled in the corner of our living room and that drives my wife nuts. Thats right now.

So really, right now I need cool weather stuff. At this point all my summer stuff like thin summer gloves, headsweats and summer socks get put back into the warehouse for storage until spring.
Then I go thru my cool weather stuff. Arm and knee warmers. Warmer head gear and gloves. I put all the really cold stuff back into storage too. Only to pull it out in a month or so.

So I take inventory and purchase and article or two to fill in any gaps. Once I am happy with this particular warmth level of clothing I then reorganize my pack.
This pack go's with me everyday. Its got everything I need to ride. Bottles, iPod, Shammy cream and Garmin plus more. In the summer its got four (4) complete kits in it on Monday.

So now with the change in clothing it get packed with only two kits, but now a vest, arm and knee warmers(2 each) and a array of gloves, warmer socks and assorted headgear to cover temps from the 60's to the low 40's. Its quite a lot of clothing. If I ride that day, it go's home with me to get re organized. I lose arm\knee warmers so easy. Gloves too. If I dont ride it stays in the car.

Its took me years to perfect this procedure. I am always ready to ride. Sometimes my ride window is small and I need to be ready at all times.

This deal will happen one more time when its really cold. Then all the light stuff will be replaced with heavy duty stuff. Arm and knee warmers get put back in storage till spring when this operation runs again but in reverse. Out come the PI Amfibs and Barrier gloves. Long sleeve wool jerseys with baselayers and full on riding jackets. All that stuff is on deck right now. Waiting to get the call. 

When I have my bag packed for full on winter riding, I have over $1000.00 of clothing in it when including the boots. For real. The good stuff is not cheap but needed when its in the teens (or colder). 
So its a crap shoot as far as what to wear while on the bike. Temps vary so much. But Im as ready as can be. At least as much as I can be.

Ride on.


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