Thursday, October 4, 2012


945am Crosspinky gets the call.

I was on the fence when I woke weather to ride or not. Temps were up this morn so off I went. Cross bike route.
Once the dew and the little bit of fog burned off the sun was out and warm. I was a bit cold riding out of town but I know that meant I was dressed correctly and the arm warmers got rolled down in no time.
Trees still are awesome and I hope that holds thru next weekend. This little tree in the pic above sure did a good job on its colors so I thought I would stop by it for a bit. Im already thinking of another day trip before this is all done. Will give it some thought.

The change of seasons also means a bike change.
Summer is mostly road bikes with MTB mixed in. Ten years ago for me that was the other way around. Now,in the heat of summer I'll ride the road bike 5 times to once on the MTB.

All of a sudden the temps cool and the road group rides start to dwindle. Last Saturday it was down to 7 or 8. From 20+. I just heard that the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Group Ride last nite was down to one. Time to put away the road bikes. My Domane is getting detailed today, never to have me throw a leg over it again. Its for sale. That demo was my fav and I do hate to see it go.

So today starts the cross bike exclusively  On the road or otherwise. I wont peddle a road bike until next April or May.  Now, the MTB comes in also. My bike ratio today is about 50\50 cross and MTB. But soon the MTB will be gone also under the same demo program as the Domane.
Then it will be cross only until the beach freezes. All the way into late Nov(ish).
At that point I ditch the cross bike and its skinny tires for my tour bike. Yep, the Surly Disc Trucker will then get all the tour racking stripped off and since its a 26in wheel, will get a 2.0 MTB tire for the beach winter rides. And that bike will take me back into spring when my cycle of bikes starts over again.
This is all according to plan. Well before any certain bike gets used its prepped and ready for weeks before, just waiting to get called into action. I overhauled Crosspinky with a new driveline and wheels a month ago. Waiting for this day to come.
Soon I will prep the Trucker. Take off all racks and throw on some fat tires. And it will be ready to go when its winter on the beach.
I do have an ace in the hole to play at some point soon. I sold my Pug and now only have the Moonlander and plan on using it to fill any voids between Crosspinky and the Trucker. That bike will come out when the leaves are all down. Maybe sooner....

Its good to own a bike store when you like riding bikes.
Here's the Trucker in tour mode. During mt summer your last July. Unbolt all the racking and it makes a great winter bike.

Its hanging in the store window today. Thinking its got all winter off.

It will be happy to hear different.


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