Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So todays deal is the storm. Somehow that storm way over there is causing the lake to generate huge waves. Here's what it looked like this morn. And predicted to get bigger.
No damage or anything. Just cool to look at..

Another thing I saw last nite was what is called a lunar halo around the moon. It was very bright and looked very much like this.

That was a first for me.

So today I will finish a build of a new cross bike. Its a Origin8. Yeah, I know. I cheep knock off bike. Its a full carbon, disc brake only bike so I thought it would be cool for the Saturday group rides until the beach freezes. The best deal on the build is the easton CX disc wheels. Really like them. Pics to come soon. Most likely on the LRW ride in the morning. That will be the maiden voyage. I put it together so Im sure something will fall off..

And with this bike, Pinky once again gets stripped and retired back to the basement. Waiting to get the call up some other day.

Tomorrows ride will happen, regardless of the weather. However the length may be adjusted as needed.


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