Monday, October 22, 2012


Nice visit this morn. Again, amazed by the pic I got from my phone. No filtered here, the fog and sun gave this tint for real. Thats exactly how it looked.

Once again Im at the store way too early. Its sure is nice out. Rain predicted but its warm. Hope this pattern holds till Long Ride Wednesday.

This weekend was busy yet slow. I had a lot to do and got nothing done. Saturday was spent out of town at the WORS directors meeting to get the skinny on next year. Nothing earth shattering. With the drive, that was seven hours.
Sunday started out nice with a almost three hour ride with a stop for breakfast, then headed out to Evergreen park to work on the grounds that were destroyed with last weeks mudfest. A lot of work to do.

So as I seemed to have a lot on my plate and it appeared on paper that I was going to be busy, I was not in total. Just not enough bike riding I guess.
So the only thing on my mind right now is the slowing store, impending plans to move and my doc appt Friday. If its as nice tomorrow morn as it is today, I will ride. But that will be a last minute thing. Like most things in my life.

Of course Lance is once again in the news with the UCI officially taking away his wins. This shit will never end. We see a slew of posts and articles with every sponsor that drops him. It happened, it sucks. Im working up a post that says the same.... just one more.


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