Wednesday, October 31, 2012


10am. Lake is a bit calmer
Pinky is once again retired.
So today is Long Ride Wednesday (LRW). But not real long today as I have hired help coming in late today so I can take the grandkids out for Halloween later.  But I did get in an hour and a half.
It was the maiden voyage on a cross bike I built out of boredom. Yup, it a cheap, low(er) quality Origin8 frame.
I really wanted a carbon cross bike with discs and since Treks stuff is at least a year out I thought I would give this off brand a try. Its distributed by J&B and my rep stops in a lot so he put one on backorder and I waited.

The frame arrived last week and I had planned on putting an old Force driveline I have laying around (its for sale) but decided to once again strip Pinky of its new Apex. I had to also buy wheels and brakes. Other than that it was the ol' switcheroo......

So.... this is a carbon frame. Is it as nice as a Trek Cronus? No way. It weighs a ton. The complete bike is 21 pounds. Pretty sure Pinky was a pound lighter and she's aluminum. But not disc. Anyway, the quality is down, the weight is up but the ride seems carbon frame smooth. And its less than half the cost than a name brand. Im not looking to stock this bike. Just thought since Im waiting for it to snow and the pending ski season I could build up something different. And it is cross bike season.

I will once again praise the Easton wheels. EA90XD disc tubeless ready( I put tubes in since I run 80 pounds of air). 1600 and change grams. Thats not bad for a aluminum disc road wheel. At retail, the wheels pretty much cost more than the rest of the bike. Almost.The brakes are the standard BB7 roads. Driveline is Apex compact. I have Apex both on this bike and my touring bike and have never had a problem. And its not expensive.

I love maiden voyages on new bikes. I get to do it a lot. I bring a tool along to tweek the cockpit a bit ( I know what I just said). And then I ride with all my senses on alert. Since the driveline has been tried and true, I look for other things. Mostly handling and ride. In that respect its a thumbs up. No toe overlap from the front wheel. I did notice better acceleration from the stiffer frame and yet less vibration from the road from the carbon. All in all its not a bike I would race but an awesome bike for our fall\winter group rides. So with taking in consideration the lesser cost for this carbon bike, its a thumbs up on this build.
So... this is what I will ride into the winter. Pinky will be retired back into the laboratory only to come out some other crazy configuration. Im thinking single speed.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So todays deal is the storm. Somehow that storm way over there is causing the lake to generate huge waves. Here's what it looked like this morn. And predicted to get bigger.
No damage or anything. Just cool to look at..

Another thing I saw last nite was what is called a lunar halo around the moon. It was very bright and looked very much like this.

That was a first for me.

So today I will finish a build of a new cross bike. Its a Origin8. Yeah, I know. I cheep knock off bike. Its a full carbon, disc brake only bike so I thought it would be cool for the Saturday group rides until the beach freezes. The best deal on the build is the easton CX disc wheels. Really like them. Pics to come soon. Most likely on the LRW ride in the morning. That will be the maiden voyage. I put it together so Im sure something will fall off..

And with this bike, Pinky once again gets stripped and retired back to the basement. Waiting to get the call up some other day.

Tomorrows ride will happen, regardless of the weather. However the length may be adjusted as needed.


Monday, October 29, 2012


Today I did not get out of my car at the HP. It was 31 degrees and I left all my coats at the store. I hate when I do that.

So looking out the window of a warm car had to do it today.

I did get a couple rides in  this weekend. I did the Saturday morning Breakfast Ride (SMBR) since Im on a cross bike and everyone else is on a MTB. Still, I'm riding with pretty much the fastest guy in a 20 miles radius so I still suffered.

But that a good thing as I almost never push myself to that point. I'll make plans to do as many of those as I can. That was about two and a half hours.
Sunday I waited a few hours later in the morn to ride. I'll do that as the temps start pretty could but jump up near noon when the sun is out. Headed out with Steve D going west.
Strangely, about 20 min in I popped a spoke. I almost never do that. Not sure why this one popped as it was non drive side. It happens I guess.
Then, about 10 minutes later the bearings in one of my Eggbeaters pretty much fall out of the pedal (in pieces).  That one I was waiting for as I use those particular pedals in winter. On the beach too. So I have been digging sand out of those for three years. It was just weird how those 2 fails came within minutes of each other. Good thing I own a bike shop I guess.
So Sundays ride was cut short a bit but still got almost an hour and a half then too.

The last seven days have been better for me as far as saddle time. Almost ten hours. I hope to keep that up.
So I went to see the Doc Friday and things are better than I thought. Vital signs were better than I was lead to believe and any suspicions of poor health were dashed with some testing.
However, after talking to Doc about my weight he highly suggested I try Weight Watchers. Really I get plenty of exercise so in his opinion that leaves most of the blame on food intake. And sure, I could eat less but its not always how much but what.
Looking at my history he also suggested to cut out all wheat and try to go gluten free.
Thats based on my crappy metabolism. I knew it was pretty much non existent.

So its Weight Watchers online for me. I join today and hope to have things rolling better in the food dept by weeks end..... And so with that it begins.


Friday, October 26, 2012

later yesterday
Not much to say today. Colder temps have settled in. Will have do a clothing inventory before the group ride tomorrow. About 32 degrees at ride time predicted.
But sunny so its all good. No rain in the 5 day. Its a miracle.

The Saturday morning group ride has morphed into winter mode last week so its all MTB and cross bikes. I ride a cross bike until the beach freezes, then Im most likely on the disc Trucker due to the 26 in wheels and the ability to run MTB tire. I'll run 2.0's.

But until that day the ride is a little bit of woods and mostly road so cross bikes rule. And out of 20 riders only four or so have cross so Im able to stay in the game better with the cross road advantage.
I think I only did four or five summer road group rides but now I'll be there every Saturday. Or as much as work lets me. The meeting place changes and its only a 15 min ride from the store so its easier for me to do...

I'll ride Sunday too. Just not sure when. I'll shoot for 5 hours this weekend.
There.... I set a goal. Now I have to deal with it.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

LRW REPORT ( A tale of two rides)

Yesterdays fog. That was then.
Yesterday was of course, Long Ride Wednesday. So every Wednesday I have someone come in to cover the store in the morn. Its costs me about 45 bucks to do that. But the other thing it does is force me out the door.
The weather in the morning was pretty crappy. It was warmish but huge fog had me waiting an extra hour before I left.
Once I heading west, away from the lake it was not bad.
2 hours total. Which is better than nothing. I always feel like crap on the bike until I get about an hour in. It seems the longer I ride the better I feel. Its going to be tough to get in 10 hours a week consistently but with LRW I can make it work.
Its all part of the master plan.
But wait, there is more.....

Todays sun. This is now.

This morn I got out again. Putting in another 2 hours. Native American summer temps had me actually get up early to put in some time. About 60 degrees and sun. Higher winds but very acceptable for Oct 25th. I needed to get back to the store to open at 11am and got there at 1058. 
Perfect timing as the rain is coming. Temps set to plummet in an hour or so....

Almost the same route as yesterday, minus the fog. And about a million other riders. Its funny when the weather get abnormally good with such a short notice. You see everyone you ride with. But one at a time. Everyone just looks outside and runs for the lycra. I only had arm warmers on (besides the kit I mean) and those got rolled down in no time. Its weird how much better I feel on the bike after a few days of riding. I guess when your ride time go's down you lose a little by its not that far gone.

Tomorrow Im off the bike for sure. Doc appt at 11 and going to tour (actually re-tour) a potential spot for the store. Hope to make the group ride Saturday morn......

Back to work...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another gloomy day. Wind and rain is ending the colored leaves reign in the woods. Now, all the late bloomers that I have been watching have a yellow carpet under them, which is pretty cool in itself.
The thought of riding today is nixed cuz of the mist. Hope things clear up for tomorrow.

I don't know why but I put out another Lance post yesterday. I was bored. Store was slow.

I guess bottom line is that love or hate, everyone needs to learn from this and move on. 

This week I need to order my demos for next year. My Superfly is already ordered with a late January ship date. My Domane is going to be ordered this week. Also with a January delivery. Its going to be pretty much the same. Except for wheels. Im going to rock a 90mm  D3 dish in the rear and a 70 in the front. I pretty much ran 50's this year. I hope I can hold onto it on a windy day. Since I weigh over 250 pounds I should have no problem. It takes a lot of wind to move me. And Im pretty sure it will have some green in it.

Thats about it for bike stuff. I am T- one week from setting up the cross country ski's. And then the store will settle in to full winter mode. Its a slow time between the seasons right now. No biking and no skiing. Really, just have to sit tight and wait for the first snow.

Iceman is just a week and a half away and Im bummed about not going. I have not raced a lot this summer. Not one WORS race. But the two I did were good ones being Ore to Shore and Chequamegon. Iceman would have completed the Midwest triple crown for me. I guess I can consider that a goal f or next year.  And Im a guy with very few goals.

Another dark spot today is the fact that I lost my Oakleys over the weekend. I have done that in the past but I never concede for a few days in case it turns up but this morn I called off the search. I sell the things and they are still expensive to lose. Another thing to order this week.

Getting close to picking a new location. Thats exciting. I'll try to carry that excitement at least till noon today. 


Monday, October 22, 2012


This is now my fifth post on the Lancegate. In the past I have always said one more and Im done. But this shit will be around for awhile. So why do I write more? Cuz I have changed my stance on this all.

I always start these rants by asking myself the question: Am I still a fan of Lance?

Today, before I answered myself I had to think way longer than before. Its not a no brainer like in the past. Then, I think "kinda". Then, after I think more. About all the lies. About all the years of wins wiped out from his use of drugs. All the time spent in front of the TV or computer cheering for Lance and the US squad to win. All that. I guess I have to say: yes.

You say Lance was a doper. He sure was. You say he lied. They all did. The "others" got off the hook for blowing the whistle. Lance still has not admitted and maybe will never.
The only difference between the others guys and Lance is that Lance has or had way more to lose.
Way more.
So now, one by one his sponsors pull. He's getting sued. And whatever else.
Does he deserve it. I think so. But if your going to throw pitchforks at him you need to also throw them at George, Levi, Tom and the rest. Are you prepared to do that?
Don't tell me its different with them. That's bullshit. Its exactly the same. They had a choice. If there is a difference, its that Lance won and "they" didn't. By "they" I mean all the dopers in that era. Not just the US guys.....

So way back in the day, when USADA announced they were going after Lance there was quite the backlash toward them. I was part of that. Now, the truth is out, Lance is busted along with others. Good job guys. You got the bad people. At least the bad people ten years ago.
So here's what else you guys did......

You took a US sport that was heading in the right direction and shoved back into the dark ages. Ten years of work down the drain. You pulled up the past, and your beliefs now just happen to be true, and now the average  joe on the street thinks badly of our sport.
Really. Think about it. Was defaming Lance worth that? Was all those dope busts worth Rabobank pulling out of cycling? Levi most likely retiring. I wonder what kind of conversation the rest of the dope boys will have in the peloton next year? Every damn day I fire up my computer and see another 5 articles about what sponsor dropped Lance today is very hurtful to the sport. Really, I could care less about Lance's finances  Whatever happens, I think he will be fine. Im sure the haters are pumped to see Lance's image hit rock bottom. But the sport is tanking with him weather you like it or not.
Its the sport that takes hit after hit day after day that makes me sick to think about it.
Who's fault is this, the riders or the media? Yes and yes.

I hear that this was needed to clean the sport. I call bullshit. I hear all the current riders say" we need to ride clean". Well, no shit Sherlock. I get a kick out of some current pro rider who gets a 5 paragraph article on Velonews, and then posted on Facebook on how they think this sport needs to clean up. Wow, you think? That rider is so insightful.  So here is my stance on all this and please feel free to re print this anytime: I think the riders who doped are bad. I think all riders should race clean.
See how smart I am?

We all know the sport is not as bad as this all shows. Or is it? I guess we would like to think that this stuff is so 8 to 10 years ago. Its would never happen to that extent today. And if that is true, then all this is for naught  Do you think there is a 25 year old pro rider somewhere thinking " I better not dope cuz Lance got busted". My personal opinion is no, there is not. But I could be wrong. I hope the USADA and other organisations put as much time and money into who is doping today as they did in who was doping back then.

I, for one, have the strong opinion that this should of all been handled differently. Its so after the fact its silly. And the price the sport is paying here in the US is not worth it. No way. Its almost like nobody cares who is doping today but what the hell were you doing in 2004. The one good thing that might come of this is the ability to blow the whistle on your buddy. Yeah, like thats going to happen. The only way that works is when someone gets busted and is forced to take someone down with them. Again, would make for some interesting conversations in the group. I say mike them up like they do in the NFL.

Back to my question  Am I still a fan of Lance. Yes. By default. If Im to stay a fan of all the current riders involved in this then I need to stay a fan of Lance also.

And I need to stay a fan of them to stay a fan of cycling.
I wish this could all just move on. Its tiring. My change in stance: at first it was leave Lance alone cuz he's innocent. Now, its leave Lance alone cuz I love cycling.


Nice visit this morn. Again, amazed by the pic I got from my phone. No filtered here, the fog and sun gave this tint for real. Thats exactly how it looked.

Once again Im at the store way too early. Its sure is nice out. Rain predicted but its warm. Hope this pattern holds till Long Ride Wednesday.

This weekend was busy yet slow. I had a lot to do and got nothing done. Saturday was spent out of town at the WORS directors meeting to get the skinny on next year. Nothing earth shattering. With the drive, that was seven hours.
Sunday started out nice with a almost three hour ride with a stop for breakfast, then headed out to Evergreen park to work on the grounds that were destroyed with last weeks mudfest. A lot of work to do.

So as I seemed to have a lot on my plate and it appeared on paper that I was going to be busy, I was not in total. Just not enough bike riding I guess.
So the only thing on my mind right now is the slowing store, impending plans to move and my doc appt Friday. If its as nice tomorrow morn as it is today, I will ride. But that will be a last minute thing. Like most things in my life.

Of course Lance is once again in the news with the UCI officially taking away his wins. This shit will never end. We see a slew of posts and articles with every sponsor that drops him. It happened, it sucks. Im working up a post that says the same.... just one more.


Friday, October 19, 2012


Im still pretty pumped about the late bloomers in the HP. 
The weather, not so much.
In the last 7 days is been raining about 50% of the time. Ive had reports of people pulling out their trainers. In October.
No way.

Ive got a pretty busy weekend upcoming. Ride window will be Sunday morn.
Today, I work open to close, tomorrow I head to Stevens Point for the 2013 WORS race directors meeting. And with that will be the start of my return to running our annual race. I look forward to the challenge.
Sunday I hope to ride in the morn, then in the afternoon head out to our local park to start repairing the grounds from last weeks mud fest. That will be an ongoing project.

In a week and counting, I will see my doc about my impending heath issues. And then its game on for me. Im treating this as my last chance. That's my mindset anyway.

While fall is the best time of year. Right after is when things take a dive. Its the slowest time for the store. No bikes and no ski's yet. And the fact that its dark when I get up and dark when I go home is a huge bummer. Lack of sunlite hits me like a two ton heavy thing.

Even during the summer if there is a few days of clouds I can feel it. 

I have narrowed down my choices of the stores impending move down to two. Now its time to split hairs. I'll take my time with such a decision.

Have a good weekend. Get outside. When it stops raining.


Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yesterdays ride.

Yesterdays first installment of Long Ride Wednesdays (LRW) was a good one. I guess. The warm temps had me grossly overdressed. I suck at dressing myself and most of the time miss the correct layers needed.
But the ride was good. Almost 3 hours with almost 40 miles. I also received my second road flat of the year. I was heading back only about 3 miles from the store so I grabbed one of two CO2's I had and shoved it in the tire thinking I could limp it in. Wrong. I always do that. I always think I can empty a CO2 and keep riding when all it does is make we waste half of the air I carry.
So after I re inflated the tire I proceeded to continue on for another whopping 2 blocks before the tire was down again. So.... I had to swap bad tube for good tube.

Now those who know our route heading south out of town from the store know that we ride right past the city's sewage plant. Its pretty much the biggest bummer on my rides having to ride past it twice out and back. One needs to either hold your breath for a few blocks or breath with your mouth or both. Its a smelly smell that smells.

So after I used the first cartridge I ended up right next to the driveway of said plant and the winds were not in my favor. I knew I was in for a sufferfest. So I pull over with the wheel pretty much already on the rim and thought about fast walking a block or two but I have massive skilz in roadside changes. I could survive 4 or 5 minutes of mouth breathing.

But I forgot that the Kenda small blocks were a bit tight to pull off. And my thumb was still not right from my MTB crash 3 weeks ago. Lucky for me I had a tire tool in the seat bag. I usually do not. So as I get down to business and just start to make some headway my insurance lady drives up and starts a conversation. It was nice of her to stop tho, asking if I had everything I need. But really, I was getting oxygen deprived and needed to keep rolling along so I kinda tried to do both at once.

I struggled with that tire. And thought at the time I might just consider changing the tire out for another due to the tight fit when I get back to the store. In time I rolled and rolled the rubber and finally got it back in the rim, still holding some kind of conversation with insurance lady. She never got out of her car, was just talking thru her window.

Now I had only one CO2 left cuz I always waste the first one so I hoped I didn't pinch the tube as I needed the tool to get it back on the rim. And it filled just fine, I threw all all the other tools and stuff, bag and all in my jersey pocket and off I go. Im now almost seeing stars after breathing raw sewage for at almost 10 minutes.

On the bright side of things, a bald eagle soared past while this was going down. So I was holding a conversation, changing out a tube and looking up a lot at the same time.

And trying not to breathe.

Im looking forward to more LRW's. I'll leave the Kenda's on. Im not smart enough to make a change. Besides, I almost never road flat.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


What a great morning.  The sun is out and I am zero minus 40 minutes out from a bike ride. Ive called in help on Wednesday mornings so I can try and get at least one long one in per week and this plan could not have gone better today.

Warmish, sun and dry roads.
And as you can see from the pic above, the colors are still around. You just have to look for them.

My ride today will take me right past that spot again today. It seems closer to the lake some of the trees are late bloomers and that awesome. Most times, my drive to the store from the HP is a slow one. Sometimes stopping and doing such elaborate bike store duty's like picking up provisions for cleaning the toilet. But today after my coffee and pumpkin muffin in the HP, I zoomed to the store to lay down this blog, since I missed yesterday, and to get my ass on the bike as soon as I can.

I don't have to be back in the store till around 2 so Im going to try and get lost for awhile. I do have a lot to think about. Mostly about the search for another store location and my pending life change (for the better). Having long ride Wednesdays will be part of that.

Its all coming together as planed.

Im out.


Monday, October 15, 2012


Rain. Mud
Of course, this weekend was our MTB race and that's really all I can post about. Its still all went down regardless of the near 4 inches of rain we received in about 30 or so hours. In what I think is about 20 years of this race, for sure the last 10 years since I have been involved this has never happened.
While the course was shortened, and a lap taken out of each category, the park received a ton a damage that will have to be looked at in the near future.

Instead of a ride to my happy place I walked the park a bit just to see how bad it was. I guess I was expecting the worst cuz it was not as bad as I thought. A lot of the damage is in the woods and not on what the park system would call "greenspace". But for sure we will have to fix what ever greenspace is damaged.

As far as the race go's, despite the cold driving rain all day thing went well. Jon H's crew worked despite the conditions and issues were handed as they came up. Remember we really have had no experience with this situation. I helped out with some awards, organized the kids race (for all 4 of the kids that showed), help a very little with scoring, and ended my day with pulling some tape after the race. I was pretty wasted after. I did a lot of walking in my Sorol boots and those things weigh a ton. In the end my bad knee was killing me, so after pulling a little tape I limped home. This race weekend always beats me up and I dont even race.

More running than riding.

I don't understand how some can call this fun. Maybe Im getting too old but running half a lap of a bike race to me is not fun. Im sure if I was 20 years younger that would be different.
But thats just me.
Really, I would not take a demo bike out in the stuff anyway.
So no riding for me this weekend and we sure have our work cut out at the park.

Changing subjects I want to say thx for all who wished me luck on my quest for better health. Was great to get comments here, a few emails but what blew me away was several people, some who I don't even know, approach me at the race yesterday saying they read my blog and wished me luck. Actually, you guys made my day.
In that respect I am now formulating a plan. One that I can stick to, so nothing crazy.
At least not at first.
I hope to ride this week, weather permitting. I need to take inventory of my cold weather clothing again.
This week, I meet with two more prospective landlords. One on Tuesday, one Friday.


Friday, October 12, 2012


815am Tanker in background

My visits to my Happy Place are pretty much rated good or bad based on the mood Im in when I get there. When Im crabby or bummed out I never post it as I always try to keep personal issues out. I stop reading others blogs when all they do is complain.
I also stop reading when they are too happy.
You know the people Im talking about. Things that you or I have to work hard to get or do just fall into their lap with minimal effort. Being a self proclaimed emo I see these things more than others do. Its completely fruitless to let it bother you but some days it does bother me. I do concentrate on letting it go and move on. Most times, its my own thoughts that prompt this.

So today its my weight and health that is hitting me. Again, I almost never post about my weight anymore. Im just asking for a post from one of the mean guys that call me names. But  Ive been big my whole life and most times feel good. My riding has been good. On a bike I carry my weight well.
Over the years there have been many people who cant believe I ride as much as I do and still maintain my size. You would be surprised to see how little I eat.
Anyway, like any drug addict, you have to hit rock bottom to make the turn back up the hill and I have hit that this week.
In the past, my riding has been good enough for me not to be concerned about a life change. Again, I was big but felt great. That has changed. I rode for almost two hours yesterday and felt terrible. Awful in fact. My weight is at the highest its been in 10 years right now.

Doctor appts have revealed my blood pressure is up. Not just up. Thru the roof.
99 over 188
Also, my blood sugar is way up. Not just up. Way up.
Thats not good good for a guy who owns a bike shop. On Oct 26th I go in to my Doc's office to see what is needed to correct this. Meds or otherwise.

Like a addict of anything thats hit the bottom, I have a decision to make. Either clean up my act or accept I'll most likely be off the bike.
When its stated like that its a no brainer but, for me, is easier said than done. In the past, I have felt so good that I put up with carting around the 100 more pounds than the guys I rode with. I was younger and besides hurting on the uphills, did keep up 80% of the time.
Today, Im not even in the same ballpark as the group.

Ive tried to lose weight, always putting in a weak effort. Again, I felt good so I never tried very hard. Today, as  I type this. I not have no other choice. If I lose this battle, my overall health is gone. My bike riding health will be gone. My means to make a living will change and my family will suffer. Today, Im saying failure is no longer an option.

The next two weeks I will use as a fact finding time frame. I will spend the next two weeks to prepare. To game plan.  Friday, October 26th, at 1045 am, I see the doc and I will walk out a different man. For better or worse.

So you may ask whats different about all the other times I put in such weak efforts to lose weight? This time Im really pissed off. At myself. Pissed off for real.
Im so pissed off at me that the only reason I will succeed is to just spite myself.

My first thought is to not post much about this, nobody wants to hear of your problems. Then, I thought maybe posting my results might just motivate me more. I sure would not want to post about failing. But in the long run I think I will only comment if Im asked.

As far as the blog is concerned no news is good news. Or bad news. You will never know....
The type of diet I eat will be based on the results of the tests on Oct 26th.

And so it begins.


Thursday, October 11, 2012



Check out this pic from my magic phone. I use a pic mode called "solorize" Not sure what the hell that is but here is the result. That black thing was actually the sun shining thru the clouds. It turned the bright spot black. Weird.  Nice visit tho.Its a bit warmer, windy and ready to rain. That will pretty much end the reign of colors in the trees. Leaves will be falling by the tons this weekend. Change of seasons.

So if your a fan of cycling like I am you already have had your fill of Lance\others crap. Yesterday morn I posted the fact it was kinda a slow day in the blog dept. Then an hour later all hell breaks loose. I had to re post in the afternoon. I tried not to but could not help it. And I wont go there much today.
One thing I will say is that its not all about Lance anymore. Lance has a lifetime ban. But all the others get slapped with a 6 month suspension. They can race again March 1. That is wrong and I call bullshit. I don't care if you confessed or not. You doped in competition.
Done . Moving on.

Looks like our MTB race will be a wet one this weekend. Saturdays local cross race has been cancelled due to imposing rain. My decision not to vend at the race is a good one. And really not needed since all me demos are sold.

Next few days will be busy. Along with helping out with the race, I have 15 new bikes to build, then need to re arrange the sales floor and include the Halloween stuff. Lots to do. All the doping posts to read on Facebook.

I looked at a new space yesterday that looks promising. 4200 square feet! Im in 2500 right now. Thats awesome.  I put a date in my head to have a plan set in store by Nov 1. Move time is mid Feb. Subject to change. But exciting stuff for sure.

Might be a short post tomorrow but I'll have something to say Im sure.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Its nuts how fast the news is hitting Facebook. All the dudes who doped with Lance. I always try to refrain from talking about current events. But if your a cyclist, as I am, and if you blog, and I do, its hard not to blog about it.
First off, do I think he doped? Yes.
Secondly, am I a fan of Lance? Yes.

While at first I never believed this to be true. I mean, come on. he was the most tested dude in sports history and that's all I needed to know. End of story.
Then, USADA comes out to nail him and we all cry foul. How could you even think of this?
Call Lance a doper? How dare you. Where's the positive test?
Then, looking at the entire picture, I came to the conclusion that it was possible and maybe something inside me was upset with that. But... Lance is retired and that's all water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. Lets all move on. That was then, this is now.

Then today, report after report hits the media like a two ton heavy thing.

USADA's report is out. And the list of riders is staggering. NOW I'm upset. To me, this is not about Lance anymore. Its about Levi, TommyD, George and the rest of them. So then, everybody doped? Then why spend the money to nail Lance? Because he still denies? They all denied.

So why did they spill the beans now? Think about it. if you were a pro rider and doped in the past, that has to eat at you a ton. The proverbial skeleton in the closet. Apparently  if your career is gangbusters you would be forced to live with that the rest of your life. Even after retirement  you could still get called out. 
Now, your offered a get out of jail free card. You get a chance to come clean for (almost) nothing. If in that position you would jump at the chance. So they all did. Except Lance.
So now what I ask? 
I commend all the riders for coming clean. I really do think it was and is a brave thing. And in the long run might help cycling. However, please sit down and take your two year suspension please.
Bottom line is doping was a choice you all made. At that time I sure could understand making the choice to do so. But, a choice non the less. All you guys are no better than Lance. But no worse either.
Really the same in my book.
I don't care if you were my hero. I don't care if you said you stopped after 2006. I don't care if you still say you never doped and will never admit. All the same.
And dont think this is just a US Postal team issue. How many others in the pro peloton?
Many. I think.

Like I said prior, I'm still a fan of Lance. And still a fan of cycling. And still a fan of all the current list of riders who admitted. But, in my book its the same playing field for all. All need a two year ban like the rule says, to finish the cleaning of this sport. To show what happens to those who break the rules. No exceptions.
I've always been a fan of Tommy D and will be pumped to see his return to the peloton in 2014.

As far as the media is concerned, I hope they pull off this band aid fast and leave it be. This is a darkish day for cycling and it can only get brighter.
I could fill this post with link after link of info as it appeared. George's statement, Garmin\Sharp's statements and more. But I wont.

So here it is. The big fish is caught. And really, that's upsetting. But whats more upsetting is all the cool little fish that went down in order to catch the big fish.
All I can say is I hope this is all worth it.
I truly hope, in time, cycling grow stronger due to this.
Cuz if it does not it really was not worth it.
And this means one more thing.
Greg Lemond was right all along.




Ive said this a million times but Im amazed at the quality of the camera my Galaxy has. I almost never have my camera with me anymore.
HP visits are getting better. More solitude=quality time.

Today Im at the shop all day open to close. Not the best scenario for riding but a little time off the bike is needed as my ribs took a turn for the worst after riding my Superfly for the last time Sunday. Monday had me back on ibuprofin. Today they seem better. Besides the only bike I have to ride is crosspinky. Smooth road rides.....

I did sell my Iceman entry. Glad it went to a good home. So with that ends any racing this summer. I just did two but they were good ones. So Im happy with it.

Speaking of, this weekend our MTB race and the next few days will be thinking of that. I have decided not to vend as I just do not have the help or the means to haul all that stuff out there. And with me taking on directer duty's starting next year I will want to observe a bit more.
I do plan on a ride tomorrow as I will have a little help in store and I can break away a bit. Other than that, that's all I got today.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I hate goodbyes. As some of you know, I get two "demo" bikes from Trek to use for the summer, and don't have to pay for till the end of the year (late Oct). These are the bikes I ride with you guys all summer. Of course they are high end, really fast and easy to race.

Ive complained more than once about riding bikes that are not mine. I know its hard to fathom for most of you. I guess its hard to feel sorry for a guy who gets to ride a new road and MTB every summer that both retail close to 10K each.
I mean, thats cool and all but its not the same as owning. More like renting.
So I started this week having both bikes. And today, Wednesday, are gone. Both of them.
One month ago I raced Chequamegon on the Superfly. Which was the fasted MTB I ever had. I sold that one over the weekend and the Domane yesterday.
Goodbye to two of the best bikes I have ever had.

So..... my 2013 Superfly 100 Pro will arrive late January.
My 2013 Project Domane will land a month later.

And the cycle starts over.


Monday, October 8, 2012



34 degrees this morn. Another longer visit to the HP today. And that means only one thing. I got stuff on my mind.
When the crowds retreat in the park the deer come out in the open more and more. Sometimes I have to shoo them off the road so I can continue on my way. They look at me like Im bothering them. In the winter when I groom the ski trails, they follow me on the snowmobile. Not real close, I don't see them but see their tracks when I come around again. I think they are messing with me.

Most of the stuff on my mind are store related. Its always a bit scary when the change of seasons come and the store starts morphing into hibernation mode. All expenses are cut down. Im here alone most of the time. Its a bit lonely but still beats having a real job. I do have some things to do\think about. I am actively pursuing a change of location. I have out grown this space and if the store want to move onward and up ward I need to move. And thats expensive to do. Its almost like incurring start up costs a second time. Anyway, I meet with two potential landlords this week.

This weekend was the first of the cold weather rides. Rode cross bike Saturday and MTB on Sunday. Both times with temps in the upper 30's at start time. I am terrible on clothing layers and it takes me several rides to figure out the needed clothing per temp. Morning rides before the store opens are getting tougher to get motivated to do when its in the 30's then, but most likely in the 50's later. However, there is no later for me as Im covering the store now 90% of the time.
Ive come to the conclusion that Im once again out of the Iceman. First, I sold my Superfly and my replacement wont get here till January so Im out a bike. Second I just don't want to spend the money. Third is the fact I lost sight of my weight for a second and gain 10 pounds since Chequamegon. My bad.

We do, however, still have our local MTB race here on town. Some of this week will be prep for that. Still might race it. Not sure. I have not had a lot to do with it in the last few years but that changes next year as I am once again the directer of this race after a 6 year hiatus. Am looking forward to that. Should be fun.

Better get to work.


Friday, October 5, 2012


Had a nice fall visit to the HP this morn. This was by car as it was 38 degrees, yesterday at the same time it was 58.

Since I mentioned yesterday how my bikes change with seasons, also its my available clothing that changes also. As you may think, I do have a shit ton of bike riding clothing. I almost never throw anything away. I have several grades of cold\cool weather clothing. Cool, cold and really cold.
So when there is a change of seasons I take inventory. I throw everything on the floor and one by one look at each piece  Sometimes I dont finish and leave the stuff piled in the corner of our living room and that drives my wife nuts. Thats right now.

So really, right now I need cool weather stuff. At this point all my summer stuff like thin summer gloves, headsweats and summer socks get put back into the warehouse for storage until spring.
Then I go thru my cool weather stuff. Arm and knee warmers. Warmer head gear and gloves. I put all the really cold stuff back into storage too. Only to pull it out in a month or so.

So I take inventory and purchase and article or two to fill in any gaps. Once I am happy with this particular warmth level of clothing I then reorganize my pack.
This pack go's with me everyday. Its got everything I need to ride. Bottles, iPod, Shammy cream and Garmin plus more. In the summer its got four (4) complete kits in it on Monday.

So now with the change in clothing it get packed with only two kits, but now a vest, arm and knee warmers(2 each) and a array of gloves, warmer socks and assorted headgear to cover temps from the 60's to the low 40's. Its quite a lot of clothing. If I ride that day, it go's home with me to get re organized. I lose arm\knee warmers so easy. Gloves too. If I dont ride it stays in the car.

Its took me years to perfect this procedure. I am always ready to ride. Sometimes my ride window is small and I need to be ready at all times.

This deal will happen one more time when its really cold. Then all the light stuff will be replaced with heavy duty stuff. Arm and knee warmers get put back in storage till spring when this operation runs again but in reverse. Out come the PI Amfibs and Barrier gloves. Long sleeve wool jerseys with baselayers and full on riding jackets. All that stuff is on deck right now. Waiting to get the call. 

When I have my bag packed for full on winter riding, I have over $1000.00 of clothing in it when including the boots. For real. The good stuff is not cheap but needed when its in the teens (or colder). 
So its a crap shoot as far as what to wear while on the bike. Temps vary so much. But Im as ready as can be. At least as much as I can be.

Ride on.


Thursday, October 4, 2012


945am Crosspinky gets the call.

I was on the fence when I woke weather to ride or not. Temps were up this morn so off I went. Cross bike route.
Once the dew and the little bit of fog burned off the sun was out and warm. I was a bit cold riding out of town but I know that meant I was dressed correctly and the arm warmers got rolled down in no time.
Trees still are awesome and I hope that holds thru next weekend. This little tree in the pic above sure did a good job on its colors so I thought I would stop by it for a bit. Im already thinking of another day trip before this is all done. Will give it some thought.

The change of seasons also means a bike change.
Summer is mostly road bikes with MTB mixed in. Ten years ago for me that was the other way around. Now,in the heat of summer I'll ride the road bike 5 times to once on the MTB.

All of a sudden the temps cool and the road group rides start to dwindle. Last Saturday it was down to 7 or 8. From 20+. I just heard that the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Group Ride last nite was down to one. Time to put away the road bikes. My Domane is getting detailed today, never to have me throw a leg over it again. Its for sale. That demo was my fav and I do hate to see it go.

So today starts the cross bike exclusively  On the road or otherwise. I wont peddle a road bike until next April or May.  Now, the MTB comes in also. My bike ratio today is about 50\50 cross and MTB. But soon the MTB will be gone also under the same demo program as the Domane.
Then it will be cross only until the beach freezes. All the way into late Nov(ish).
At that point I ditch the cross bike and its skinny tires for my tour bike. Yep, the Surly Disc Trucker will then get all the tour racking stripped off and since its a 26in wheel, will get a 2.0 MTB tire for the beach winter rides. And that bike will take me back into spring when my cycle of bikes starts over again.
This is all according to plan. Well before any certain bike gets used its prepped and ready for weeks before, just waiting to get called into action. I overhauled Crosspinky with a new driveline and wheels a month ago. Waiting for this day to come.
Soon I will prep the Trucker. Take off all racks and throw on some fat tires. And it will be ready to go when its winter on the beach.
I do have an ace in the hole to play at some point soon. I sold my Pug and now only have the Moonlander and plan on using it to fill any voids between Crosspinky and the Trucker. That bike will come out when the leaves are all down. Maybe sooner....

Its good to own a bike store when you like riding bikes.
Here's the Trucker in tour mode. During mt summer your last July. Unbolt all the racking and it makes a great winter bike.

Its hanging in the store window today. Thinking its got all winter off.

It will be happy to hear different.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Pointing the way. Peninsula Park. Blu filter.

Yesterday was one of those days that just worked out well. With the tree's at peak I decided to take a day and head to Door County. I like it up there. Specifically Peninsula State Park and Washington Island. Yesterday was P-Park.
We got there around 11am, had some lunch, went for a bike ride, walked around in Fish Creek for awhile, then ate again before leaving town for home around 6pm
Pretty much a perfect day.

The bike ride was very nice. This park is built for bikes and there was a ton there. I was surprised for a Tuesday how many. Just outside the park is a bike store that had a huge rental fleet. Always busy but I think when the trees peak out its game on. We had to be on our best bike path behavior as there were a ton of "regular" people out riding for what looked like there only ride of the summer. Most were older. Most looked retired. I felt kinda young mixed in with the old folk. But they were helmetless and all over the path on rental bikes. I would think, at some point, a few went down maybe on some soft gravel.

The water was way down. As low as I have ever seen. This was water right up to the sand last year. Its not even swim-able anymore. The trees on the right is where Ive camped in the past. The background is Horseshoe Island.

It all ended with a fish boil in downtown Fish Creek. The perfect end to a perfect Door County day. Im glad I got the chance to get here during this time. Was just a beautiful fall day. Sometimes the plan just comes together and we got lucky with this day. Warm sun and colors. Totally worth spending the extra money in wages to get me out of the store.

Every time I skip out I think of this guy. We think alike.

Today Im catching up in the store but not a whole lot to do. My ribs are improving  Its funny that they only hurt now when I sleep. I can ride just fine. Its been a week since my high speed dismount and I think Im ready to get back on the MTB. Maybe tomorrow morn if its not raining.

Monday, October 1, 2012


This tree greets you as you enter the HP
Its game on. Trees are close to peak. One must goof off as much as possible. Now is the time to play hooky from school, work or whatever.

First, the weekend.
Friday as Saturday I had the two bike tours and for the most part they went well. Fridays group was quiet so it was hard to read them to see what they wanted to do. But they wanted an hour and a half and that's what they got. Saturdays group was very talkative and that makes for a better time and easy tour. They only wanted an hour.
So I hope to get this service rolling more and more and am happy to get my foot in the door. That's always the first step in any business.

Saturday morn I kicked the weekend off with a 2 plus hour ride with Steve D. The ribs were sore, I felt them as I rode but it was tolerable. But, along with the tour in the afternoon was a bit too much and I woke Sunday with plans to ride a bit solo and that was soon dashed as the ribs hurt way more.   Hard time getting up out of bed. No riding for me Sunday which was a big bummer as the weather was near perfect. Along with the color in the trees. So... I just drove around in my car and took in the sights. And listened to the new Killers CD.

While I was bummed to not ride I did get outside. If I didn't I most likely would have exploded. Its game on right now. The woods are the place to be. Today is a carbon copy of yesterday and I work alone all day. Once again denied any outside pleasure. However....

I am taking the day off tomorrow. A last minute decision. My wife has off work so I will attempt to cover the store all day and up to Door County for a day trip. Some riding, some hiking and some eating. And a lot of goofing off. And looking at all the colors of this place. Bad ribs be damned. I'll have a bottle of ibuprofen for lunch.

So no post tomorrow. I'll be out making up for Sunday.
It all evens out in the end.