Friday, September 28, 2012


Whats with all the bike on my car? Nothing really. I just like to haul bikes around once in a while. I just feel better knowing they are there. They enjoyed my HP visit with me this morn. The rental bikes are just happy to get out of the basement once in a while. So every once in awhile its a field trip.

Calm down. Not really. That would be weird and Im not weird.

I'll tell you whats weird.

10 days ago I purchased the new Killers "Battle Born" and its been playing nonstop in the store since. Over and over. Thats 90 hours uninterrupted. Let alone in the car or iPod. Now thats weird.
Back to the bikes. Here's the story.
This spring I approached several high end hotel\resorts in the area about offering a bike tour on their list of stuff to offer. All summer go's by and nothing. Until yesterday.
So today and tomorrow I am taking four people each day on a hour and a half tour of the area. My HP will be the centerpiece of the ride. So I get to rent bikes and get paid hourly to guide. And the rates are premium cuz the hotel is very high end.
I hope this is the beginning of this service. Nobody else does this. I hope it go's well. I have a fear that its going to be four old ladys with canes. Really, I have no idea on fitness levels so I gatta be able to improvise in a heatbeat.
Also going to try this with CC ski's this winter.....

So with that on the agenda the next two days bring me to another dilemma. Im not sure how well I can ride a bike.
Ribs really hurt still and Im sure it will be a while before that is gone. Had another restless nite. Every time I move in my sleep it hurts and I wake. About a million times a nite. Im sure the bike tour will be slow. I'll ride crosspinky.

Tomorrow I would really like to ride the Domane. Its getting close to being sold. Several individuals are thinking. Pretty soon someone will come in with money and its gone. For real, its been my fav road bike of all time and my replacement demo will be very much like it. I hope I can at least ride a little tomorrow.

But for the most part Im laying low till the ribs are good enough to MTB on them. Two week till the local race, the two more till Iceman. Thats still the plan.

Unless I change my mind.
Time to be a tour guide!


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