Monday, September 10, 2012


Pic ripped off of Nathans Facebook. Shows most of the sand.
Today is a cross race specific post. No comments on me and my way of life. Except that the beach was a little cool this morn and the coffee was hot. 

First and foremost, thanks to all that raced and helped. Things went well. Good, in fact.

Also, before I get going on stuff, just a shout out to Nathan for unknowingly letting me put him up front and center. I have not went thru any pics of Saturday yet and his was easy to rip off of Facebook. Thx!

Just a couple of things about Saturday.

This year was a make it or break it for me. I understand last year was the first, but really if this did not work out financially  I was going to pull the plug. But Im happy to say, while I still cant retire, did make a few bucks and will be happy to continue this race ongoing. Thanks to all for making that possible.

How bout that sand. And why not the hill. 

Ive been a race director for quite some time having managed our WORS race for 5 plus years in the past.  And I know for a fact that you cant make everyone happy. Not everyone liked the sand. Several stated they loved the hill (Equalizer by name).  So why was the hill out and the sand in?  Cross racing here is still evolving. And if you are not trying new things you are going backwards.  Its a fact that if you want to know what the future of cross racing in the States is, look to Europe. And what do you see there? Lots of sand and longer courses. And I could be wrong, I have not attend every race in Wisco, but I was told this course was the longest and sandiest. (did I spell that right?)
That said, its not only reason for the course change.
Bringing the course closer to the building just makes it a better spectating experience. And the heated building would be perfect fore a late season winter race. I would love a December race here. Or.....
Someday, maybe down the road several years, I am considering having the cross race and WORS race the same weekend. Maybe some sort of festival thing. Doing that I would have to give the hill to the MTB'ers that weekend. So it was sorta a test of sorts. One that I think was successful  This is the first time Ive said this in public so everyone involved with the WORS race just calm down. This is only a thought that I am entertaining.
But I am always looking forward.

In the future I will be constantly evolving the course. Changes will be made. Couple of things that will help improve will be expanding the pits four fold. It needs to be way bigger. And use the entire gravel road for a roadie section. Keeping at least a few hundred yards off the grass.

Which brings me to the bumps. Im well aware that its a rough one.  I had plans to roll it out a little this summer but the weather was way too dry for that to work. Really, not much more I can do about that. Will keep things in mind in that regards.
With knowing the money will be there, purses will increase along with the schwag.

Closing, thanks again to all who helped. Hope you all had a good time. Thanks to all who entered. Entry count was up 50+ bikes from last year.
Thanks to the entire WCA  and USAC crew who had nothing but good to say about the course. I was kind of worried about the amount of sand\length of run.

The event was a success in every way, shape and form and lets do it again next year!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting on the race! I raced and even though I don't like sand, I did appreciate it as a feature. Would love to see the hill in it TOO in the future. The bumps need to be addressed. Bumpiest course in WCA. Had to have my headset tightened after 10 min of warmup! Grass seemed smooth across the street...