Friday, September 7, 2012


As I prepare for the Sheboygan Bicycle Company Classic cross race tomorrow I thought I would touch a bit on my own cross career. It was short lived and about the most fun I had on a bike. I did a pretty full campaign in 2008-9.

Cross racers are mostly roadies. Sure, some MTB riders in there but really its due to the road season ending so soon, to give the roadies something to do before (or during) the winter. At the start of the cross season the MTB races are still in full swing so any MTB people have to double dip to get in both at the same time. That makes for some full weekends. And not all roadies do this. Only the more outgoing road racers. Not the stuffy ones.

Take a look at the pics above. Pic on the left is me NOT doing it right. I remember that one. A ton of people were heckling right there so, for some reason I tried my first step thru. And failed. So badly that I stopped, rode back 30 yards and did it without the step thru... 

The pic on the right was the next year. Much better. I still dont step thru but thats fine by me. One thing I will point out. Look how tall that barrier is. Its huge! And I have about the shortest legs in the world. Im 5'10 but my inseam is only 30. So with such short legs I cant clear that tall barrier and had to actually step on top of it and push off it as Im doing in the pic. Good thing it was securely in the ground.

I have not raced since 2009. Just too much other stuff I guess. Thats the year I opened the store. Weird that a bike store takes all my time from bike races. But thats OK. I like coming into work everyday. So its a fair trade.

So instead of racing I spend some time putting a race on. Its hard but fun.

I have been prepping for the race all week, have not been on a bike since Monday.

Have a good weekend. Im sure I will have a report Monday...


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rlove2bike said...

The racers are lucky you decided to put on a race instead of concentrating on riding. I am hoping you have some fun along with all the work that with it.