Thursday, September 27, 2012



Took a longer visit today. I stay here longer when I have things to think about. I measure my time in the HP by songs on my iPod. Today was a six song day. Yesterday was only two since I wanted to ride before the store opened. And again, am using my phone exclusively for pictures. I love that Google+ automatically uploads my pics. I take them on the beach and when I get to the store they are up on the site and ready.
Back to yesterdays MTB ride....
The scope of yesterdays digger did not hit me till later in the day. Ribs, shoulder, knee and wrist. Once again, I am off the bike. Upsetting since I just got back on after being sick for almost a week. Ive got the wrist wrapped and the knee is pretty good. Shoulder is just sore. Ribs on the other hand will keep me off the bike for some time. Had to sleep on my back last nite and I hate that so my nite was long. Small movement hurts. I really never had bruised (or broke for all I know) ribs before and know what others have felt with this.
No deep breaths. Hurts to cough. Once again Im laying low.
Ive noticed my weight went up the last two weeks. Im sure the next week or so wont help me in the respect either. Less movement equals less food burned. Need to eat less during these times.

Still on my racing calender is our local MTB race here in town. In the past I have brought several tents to the event and vended stuff. This year, my available help is down along with the means to haul stuff out to the park so I might just ditch that and race it instead. I'll make that decision last minute the week before.

Then, there's Iceman. I am on the fence here. Still have not found a place to stay. Not really looking either. Staying a bit out of town is not a big deal as my wife always provides my shuttle service where ever I need to go and that just makes things easy. So Im not concerned yet. I have time.

First I need to get back on the bike.


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