Monday, September 24, 2012



So here it is Monday morn and Im just now pulling out of my sickness. So the weekend was a bust. Since I raced on the 22nd I have been on a bike once. Hope was the thought I had for this weekend but that never panned out. Today is about the best I felt since last Wednesday and might try an easy ride later. The temps are down. High 30's early morn. Turned the heat on at home. Today the sun was warm on the beach. The trees are starting to turn. Game on for fall.

I was feeling good enough to hit up the USGP in Sun Prairie yesterday. Pretty much the top tier in cyclocross in the US. While the racing was great, I was so disappointed in the amount of spectators. Way down. I could not speculate on how many but I think we get more at our local MTB race here in town. And thats sad. Such a talented field. Such a well run series.  I know the series was in some money trouble so maybe they just did not get the word out soon enough.

Here's a pic gallery from Velonews.

Trek has stuck a ton of money to rescue the series. And Im sure they expect no return in the investment. I learned that the hard way last year albeit on a very smaller scale. Last year I stocked up on cross bikes, tires, wheels etc. And lost my ass. Took a huge hit on several high end bikes. I was very disappointed as cross racing\bikes are a fav of mine and maybe I let my personal thoughts drive my business and when you do that you lose almost every time.
This fall I have no cross bikes in stock. I have one on order and it might not get here till November. With Treks lack of disk brake bikes I'll wait till next year to get a demo. I would believe that they will have a high end model then.
I did notice several top riders who have access to disk brakes choose to run center pulls anyway yesterday. So there must be some concerns, weight or otherwise.

As I get my strength back I hope to ride a few times this week. Yesterday I went into my basement and went thru all the cool weather clothing I have. Im terrible on change of season clothing. I either dress too warm or too cold. It takes a few tries for me to get it right.

Id better pop a few sudafed and get to work.


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