Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marquette, MI.

Todays post will be quick.
Headed down to Milwaukee last nite to pick up all the WCA cross stuff. Stakes and miles of tape. Today will be a day of working in the park. After UPS gets here and I check in a bunch of stuff. Then Im out.

Todays big deal is Vaughters calling out some current and awesome riders for past doping.
I really do not have a lot of time to comment on it but this stuff is going to be around awhile.

Read it here.

Tilford talks about Tommy D here.

We get it. A lot of riders did it. Im not surprised. What does surprise me is how easy it was to get away with. The guys that did really must have been on the wrong program.

Anyhoo, the pic up top is from the mini v. last week. Seems like a million years ago. Im in this zone today where I cant concern myself with whats going to happen after Saturday, but only the next two days, nothing else.

Here's some info on my dealio..


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