Wednesday, September 26, 2012



I sure love this time of year. The trees are starting to turn and that means its game on until the leaves fall. The store does not open till 11am now that its on winter hours and I need to take advantage of this as best I can.
Yesterday it was cross bike, today its MTB.
A awesome crisp fall morning. Sun shining. Perfect morning for a ride in the woods.
Thats is, until I hit the dirt hard. Chest first. Going pretty fast. Happened so fast I did not even get my hands out to break the fall. I hate when that happens.
As I laid there trying to breath my first thought was am I going to make the store to open it as Im there alone today.
I take inventory. Nothing broke. Knee swelling but I can walk. I limp to the store....
Knee seems OK but ribs are sore when I breath. My thumb hurts to type. Knee swelled and cut. Just another day on the MTB.
I have done this a million times but as I get older it seems to hurt just a little bit more. Instead of one spot that hurts you come out with three.
Life go's on. But there's more.
The screen on my new Motorola computer has a huge scratch on it. Like all the way a cross.  Nice. There's 200 bucks out the window. Im sure it hit the ground when the bike cartwheeled.

The store is for sure out of summer mode. Door traffic is half of a month ago. My job now is to draw down the inventory to winter levels. And cut all expenses. Today Im here all day alone and that will be the norm till April of 13'. I do have some part time help putting in a few nites during the week so I dont go crazy. Also will have most Saturdays off.

Its the time of year that gets a bit boring. Biking is on the way down and cross country ski's are not ready. Oct and Nov are usually the two slowest months (unless we get no snow like last winter). But there is always some project to work on.
Awesome stuff like accounting. Exciting!

Anyway, Im going to try and get outside as much as I can in the next month and you should too. Do it for real.


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