Thursday, September 20, 2012



Things are getting back to reality. Life is resuming its normal schedule. Mornings at the HP. Still finding our that my phone is my best camera. I like this pic. Feel free to take it. A lot of people tell me I should parlay my pic taking into a biz. I dont know.
Maybe someday when Im retired.
However today I am under the weather quite a bit. Huge head cold. My head feels like its 100 pounds. Fever and all the fixin's to make a pretty good flu. Pounding ibuprofen and sudafed (isn't that how you make meth or something?)
I wonder if I knocked out my immune system with last Saturdays extended physical effort?

The store is slowing. The cold mornings are whispering to prepare. Hours are cut. Inventory is shrinking(by design). The front door is down top half speed and slower in the near future.
Soon it will be time to hibernate, pull up the ski's and pray for snow.

But as far as Im concerned, this is the best time to ride. Put on the arm and knee warmers and get out in the woods and country roads. Soon the trees will be in color. And in my book its game on to try and get the most out of fall that I can.

I will pull out all the stops to get that done, but not till I feel better. Glad Im getting this in the middle of the week. Hope for the weekend.



Sarah said...

Dan, I found myself under the weather after the century also. It has to be compounded by the physical effort, I would guess...

Where do you take these great photos? At your home or work? I'm headed to Two Rivers to walk the sand one of these days. Fall is my FAVORITE time to be out there. Quiet. Cool. Breathtakingly beautiful.


Dan Dittrich said...

Kohler\Andre State park. Almost all of them.....