Wednesday, September 19, 2012


One of the best things of last weekend is where we stayed. I was pumped to be able to get out of the big city of Hayward and stay in some quiet, private digs. 
This four cabin resort is about a 8 minute drive out of town. All four cabins were taken by riders. Somehow I lucked out when buddy Steve D found this place and booked it.
This cabin sleeps six but Im not sharing. It was super clean with two bedrooms, kitchen\dining and a living room with a patio. I could live here.

Here's the view thru the patio door. We got here Wednesday nite. I would start every morn on this deck with a coffee watching the eagles, herons and ospreys, and end the day watching the sun go down with a Spotted Cow. Every night, around 9pm, two coyote packs would howl across the lake. Almost like telling each other where they were. Friday nite they sounded like they were about 100 yards away but probably more than that. It just does not get better.

Way better than a hotel room. With a full kitchen my wife was nice enough to cook my a huge pasta dinner Friday nite. A true sit down dinner.

Thats a real moose rack up there.
I'll mention that it was only $99 bucks per nite. Which is what most paid for some crummy hotel\motel in town. I have already put in a deposit for next year. These accommodations for sure added to my Fat Tire experience and Im not sure I would return if I had to stay elsewhere. Also, the owner of the resort drives the lead four wheeler in the race and helps mark the course on Friday. With the resort full of Fat Tire racers he kinda is used to us weird bikers so its all good.
I hope to go back next year. I need to do something to increase my odds with the registration lottery next spring.


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