Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Pic ripped off of facebook. I will be pretty far back.

I dont have any real memories from the last time I did this race. Some 10 years ago. I do remember finishing my first one in 2001. In 5 hours 17 minutes. I remember riding back to the motorhome and falling over cuz I could not get my leg around the back of the seat. Laid there for awhile, near tears and muttering something like "never again".
And, of course, I did it the very next year. In 2002 I shaved an hour off my time.
One of those years was muddy, I dont remember which. I remember blasting down a part of the Birkie trail. One of the downhill rollers only to fall face first in the mud hole on the bottom. I fell hands first and my hands stuck in the mud. When I pulled out one hand the glove came off and I could not find it.

Those pretty much are the memories left of those two races. I tried to get in several years after but was denied. After a couple of denials I just quit trying.

Fast forward 10 years. On a whim, I sent in my registration this year. And got in. First time in 10 years.

Here I am, packed and ready to what seems like going to visit an old friend. Leaving this afternoon. Im sure things are a bit different there since I was in attendance. But Im looking to some of the stuff being the same. One thing is constant....
As usual, I never train for these things. I sure could have used some more seat time leading into what will be my longest MTB ride in ten years. But really, its easy to do these things when you have no expectation except have some fun. But I do have a number in my head.

Read that post real quick.
So its not going to be too hard to beat my fastest barn burning time of 4:22min. But Im going to put some crazy wild pressure on my self and set out to roll in under 3:30min.
I have no idea of what racing shape Im in. My weight it up. So the last few miles of this race will destroy me. My only chance is to not burn to many matches in the first and easiest hour or so. Its more strategy than fitness. And I always thought I was a pretty smart racer.
But for the last ten years my MTB races lasted an average of 52 minutes. No comparison.

I did have a good Ore to Shore race a month ago or so. But that was only 28 miles and a 1:52min. Closer, but still no comparing.
So off I go. Not remembering what to expect. Still, I did the race at 42 years old, and to come back at 52 and (if I) beat that time is a cool thing. When your younger a 10 year split in age is not such a big deal, but your body go's thru some pretty big changes between 42 and 52. Most of them not so good. I hope to erase some of those changes Saturday.
Whatever the outcome a good time is priority one.


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