Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chillaxin'  845am
I dont take a lot of pics anymore. But I did happen to have my camera in the car this morn when I saw these two guys. The river that runs thru my HP has a billion turtles in it. Thats a estimate as I never counted.

The weekend was filled with some good rides. Two and a half hours on Saturday, 3 plus hours on Sunday and a hour on Monday.

Today, my full attention turns towards my cross race this Saturday. Its always bout' 3 or 4 day before that I start freaking out. Its about one day before that I calm down after realizing I have it covered. Im not there yet.

Unlike the past, Im kinda stressing out over a course design. Im torn between two separate sections. Both have advantages to the race but both cant be in at the same time. 
Im just going to have to ride both sections tomorrow and pick. Flip a coin and move on.

The next two weeks are going to be a blur as this week its my cross race, the week after Im leaving most likely on Wednesday to head up to Hayward,WI to do the Shuammy 40 miler. Between now and then, along with all the other stuff, I hope to get in at least four 3+ hour, mid level effort with a few interval rides in so I dont explode during the MTB race. 
right now I have a ton to say about that race but I need to forget Im doing that this week and focus on the task at hand. Along with work will be a busy next four days.
Back in the spring I knew I had these two events back to back and didn't give it another thought until last week and now think its a bit much. Things like cutting the grass at home will get ditched.
Just so much time in one day.
I will have to over staff the store this week to free me up to get stuff done.
And Im off.....


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